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Resume Writer Certification

Resume Writer Certification



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Resume Writer Certification

Introduction to Resume Writing

A resume refers to a brief document which summarizes a person’s educational background, experiences and employment history that are extremely useful in qualifying for a job which he is applying. If you want to get a job as a professional resume writer, then you have to make sure that you are fully about how this document is created. You can enroll in a resume writer certification course which is useful in your attempt to become an expert in effectively drafting resume. This certification course will definitely improve your skills in writing resumes with enough length while containing information that are proven to be saleable to potential employers.

The resume writer course is also a major help in your attempt to learn the basics of creating resumes that are not too exhaustive and are not too short. As a skilled resume writer, you should know that the essential elements that should be included in the document include personal details, education and training, employment history, skills and abilities, career objective, interests and referrals. Effective resume writing involves proofreading to ensure that the output is free of any typos and spelling or grammatical errors, tailoring to guarantee that all the details mentioned in the resume is capable of showing a person’s suitability to the job, proper presentation which is useful in ensuring that the created resume is well laid out, neatly printed and easy to read and detailing which is capable of showing relevant examples and details about an applicant’s achievements and skills.

Brainmeasures Resume Writer Certification Program

If you strongly desire to become an expert in drafting resumes and start offering professional services in this field, then the resume writer certification program from Brainmeasures can offer you a lot of good. The resume writer certification program from Brainmeasures is said to be really comprehensive, thereby allowing you to receive the most expert and detailed training linked to resume writing. This online certification program from Brainmeasures will allow you to take advantage of intellectual properties and resources guaranteed to elevate your skills in writing resumes into higher and world-class standards. After you pass the online writing exam which is part of the program, you can expect to receive your resume writer certificate which will make it possible for you to provide services linked to writing and designing top-notch resumes that will allow all types of applicants to be noticed, interviewed and hired.

Highlights of the Resume Writer Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The resume writer certification program from Brainmeasures aims to help individuals get a more professional background about resume or curriculum vitae writing. Getting an idea about what this certification course offers is possible by viewing its detailed syllabus which you can easily access after you register with Brainmeasures. The following are among the major topics included in the program:

  • Essential elements of an effective resume
  • Drafting, writing and designing the most powerful resume
  • Assembling details for your resume in order for you to draft the best layout
  • Writing a cover letter which perfectly fits your resume
  • Utilizing sample resumes and letters to create a more professional-looking one
  • Assessing the personality, skills and accomplishments acquired by an applicant to effectively and successfully write a more detailed and thoughtful resume
  • Making sure that the contents of a resume are capable of meeting the qualifications of the potential employer
  • Creating a resume which perfectly reflects the qualities and personality of an applicant
  • Preventing grammatical and spelling errors in a resume through proper and careful proofreading
  • Effectively writing resumes for different types of people including those who have and do not have experiences

Beneficiaries of the Resume Writer Certification Program

Anyone who wishes to improve his resume writing skills and start providing expert services in this field can enroll in the resume writer certification program offered by Brainmeasures. But this certification course can be expected to be more suitable for aspiring resume writers, professional career counselors and coaches, military and government career transition professionals and outplacement consultants. This course is also suitable for corporate HR professionals who want to make sure that they accurately and expertly assess the resumes submitted by numerous applicants to them.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Resume Writer Certification Course

Completing a resume writer certification course opens up numerous job opportunities for you. You can expect to be able to effectively handle the following positions after becoming a certified resume writer:

  • Professional Resume Writer
  • Resume Writing Coach
  • Professional Resume Editor
  • Research and Resume Writing Specialist
  • Technical Resume Writer
  • Expert Resume Builder

Expected Salary for Resume Writer Certification Holders

If you think that you won’t be earning decently if you complete a resume writer certification course, then you are wrong. In fact, the State University states that those who offer professional resume writing services can charge their clients to up to $150 for a single resume. If you plan to become an independent resume writer, then you can charge your clients per word or based on the type of resume that they ask you to create. The good thing about independent or freelance resume writers is that they can comfortably provide their services without leaving their homes.


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