Basic Finance Skills Certification

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Basic Finance Skills Certification

Basic Finance Skills Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Basic Finance Skills Certification

Introduction to Basic Finance Skills

Basic finance refers to that branch of economics which is more focused in the allocation and management of resources and in both acquisition and investment. In the simplest terms, basic finance is a topic which involves matters linked to the financial markets and money. If you want to become an expert in finance, then you should know how important enrolling in a basic finance skills certification course is when it comes to improving your awareness in this specific field of study. Enrolling in this certification course is a major help in your attempt to become an expert in financing and in fully understanding all the basic concepts and principles used in the finance industry.

When attempting to hone your basic finance skills, note that finance is a subject which can be divided in three major categories namely personal finance, public finance and corporate finance. Personal finance involves decisions linked to paying for education, buying insurance such as property and health insurance, saving for retirement and financing durable goods including cars and real estate. Public finance refers to finance when linked to sub-national entities such as provinces, states, municipalities and countries, sovereign states and any other related public entities including school districts. Public financing is more focused on identifying the needed expenditure of a public sector, sources of its revenue, the process of budgeting and issuing debts for projects designed for the public. Corporate finance refers to the process of providing funds for the activities of a corporation and involves balancing profitability and risk while ensuring that the wealth of the corporation is greatly maximized.

Brainmeasures Basic Finance Skills Certification Program

Improving your background about basic financing is now possible with the help of the basic finance skills certification course offered by Brainmeasures. The basic finance skills course from Brainmeasures is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to improve his knowledge about basic finance because of the comprehensiveness of the course. Enrolling in this online certification course can definitely help you improve your knowledge about both accounting and finance while also gathering information about the key areas linked to personal financial planning, corporate financial planning and public financial planning. This program from Brainmeasures also comes with a basic finance exam and it is extremely important for you to pass this test as this will allow you to acquire your certificate.

Highlights of the Basic Finance Skills Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The basic finance skills certification program from Brainmeasures covers a wide array of topics designed to help individuals improve their knowledge about basic finance while also greatly honing their skills in effectively performing all their tasks in the financing industry. To give you a glimpse of what the basic finance skills certification program offers, here are some of the major topics that form part of the program’s syllabus:

  • Understanding how the entire accounting process works
  • Effectively analyzing annual accounting and financial reports
  • Different types of companies involved in financing
  • Basic principles used in accounting
  • Overview of the whole auditing process
  • Basic principles involved in finance
  • Understanding return on investments (ROI) and how this rate is computed
  • Debt and equity finance descriptions
  • Analyzing liquidity
  • Principles used in managerial accounting especially those that are linked to planning, directing, decision-making and control
  • Understanding corporate finance
  • Basic structure of a company
  • Basics concepts and fields linked to investment banking including finance, asset management, global markets and global banking
  • Overview of international finance and its many elements including financial markets, exchange rates and capital
  • Definition of both the fiscal policy and the monetary policy
  • Proper analysis and valuation of finance
  • Understanding portfolio theory
  • Introduction to the different tools and techniques used in finance

Beneficiaries of the Basic Finance Skills Certification Program

It is no longer undeniable that the comprehensive and detailed nature of the basic finance skills certification program is the major reason why it continues to benefit different types of individuals and professionals. This certification course is primarily intended for professionals in an organization especially those who are involved in making capital budgeting or financial decisions while also interpreting and using financial data. The basic finance skills certification course can also benefit anyone who wishes to gather enough knowledge about long-term life cycle financing.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Basic Finance Skills Certification Course

Financing and any other task or responsibility which involves the handling of money is one of the most sensitive and complex areas in running a business organization. This is the main reason why business owners make it a point to hire the right people to fill their accounting and finance department. Taking up a basic finance skills certification course and finishing it up can definitely help you improve your career opportunities as many prospective employers will view you as a real expert in the field of financing. The following jobs will become accessible to you after you complete the course:

  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Controller
  • Finance Executive
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounts and Finance Officer
  • Finance Consultant

Expected Salary for Basic Finance Skills Certification Holders

Completing a basic finance skills certification course can also help you get the kind of salary that you have dreamed of receiving. It is because the salary for basic finance skills certification holders is considered to be above average. You can actually expect your average annual salary to be $68,000 and you can expect this to grow through the bonuses and other remuneration benefits provided by the company where you are working.


Basic Finance Skills Certification

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