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Speed Reading Certification

Speed Reading Certification



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Speed Reading Certification

What is Speed Reading?

Speed reading refers to the collection of reading techniques that aim to help anyone significantly increase his reading rates without having to reduce retention and comprehension. The most common methods used in reading include sub-vocalization elimination and chunking. A reader’s eyes are often fixated on each space and word in a reading material during the reading process. Speed reading takes place when the specific the duration of fixations and the specific number of eye pauses are greatly reduced. A variety of techniques can be used when it comes to increasing reading speed and these include not sounding out all the words present in a reading material, preventing the sub-vocalization of a few phrases, recognizing words without actually focusing on every letter and spending lesser amount of time on a few phrases.

Speed reading also refers to the process of analyzing tradeoffs between measures of comprehension and speed, identifying various kinds of reading call used for various comprehension and speed rates and improving the rates through practice. Speed reading methods also include the basic method which involves finding a perfect place for reading, making the reading process more interesting and enjoyable by taking the most comfortable posture and making sure that you get enough intake of oxygen. Skimming is also another effective method and this involves visually locating sentences within a page to get clues about their meaning. Meta-guiding is also an effective speed reading method which can be executed by guiding your eye visually to make it move faster across the text that you are reading with the help of a pointer or your finger.

Brainmeasures Speed Reading Certification Program

If you are planning to fully understand all the effective techniques linked to speed reading, then enrolling in the Brainmeasures speed reading certification program can do you a lot of good. As the leading online certification and employment testing company worldwide, Brainmeasures can be expected to supply you with an adequate amount of information regarding the basics of speed reading. With the help of the speed reading course offered by Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it hard to significantly increase your reading speed. The good thing about the company is that it also offers a comprehensive and accurate online reading test which aims to further enhance your skills in reading speedily without having a hard time comprehending the message of a reading material. It is highly important for you to pass the speed reading exam as a passing percentage will serve as your ticket towards getting your speed reading certificate.

Highlights of the Speed Reading Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The comprehensiveness of the speed reading certification program from Brainmeasures makes it possible for you to learn the basics of speed reading including the different techniques used in it within just a short period of time. Brainmeasures offers its syllabus online which you can view in detail after you successfully register with the company through its official site. The major highlights of the Brainmeasures speed reading certification program include the following:

  • History and development of speed reading
  • Essential terms used in speed reading
  • Introduction to the process and basics of reading
  • Overview of the different strategies that anyone can use in reading
  • A comprehensive guide on using the visual system when it comes to reading
  • Definition of vision span
  • Effective development of peripheral reading abilities
  • Exercises designed to train your basic eye and vision span
  • Reliable practices for speed reading
  • Avoiding distractions when reading
  • Understanding the basics of backward reading, eye pacing, hopping and fixation
  • Passive reading explanation
  • Basics of progression and regression as linked to speed reading
  • Different techniques used in speed reading including sub-vocalization, skimming, chunking and vocal interference
  • Improving your flexibility with an aim of improving your speed in reading
  • Improving your comprehension skills

Beneficiaries of the Speed Reading Certification Program

A speed reading certification program can benefit a lot of individuals in various circumstances and situations. The certification course is most suitable for high school and post-secondary level students who need to read large amounts of information and long lists within just a limited period and white-collar workers or any other professional in the corporate and business industry who need to improve their productivity by quickly reading letters, faxes, new reports and memos every day.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Speed Reading Certification Course

Many people are in need of speed reading experts so you can expect your speed reading certification to open up a lot of job opportunities for you. Being a speed reading expert allows you to enjoy jobs in various industries including the following:

  • Schools / Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Industry
  • Legal Field
  • Medical Industry
  • News and Media Industry

Expected Salary for Speed Reading Certification Holders

Hundreds of individuals and professionals are in need of speed reading experts to help them significantly improve their speed in reading while ensuring that their comprehension skills are still on the highest level. If you already hold your speed reading certification and you plan on practicing your expertise in this field, then expect your average annual salary to be around $65,000 and you can expect this amount to grow as you gain more experience in the field.


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