French Certification

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French Certification

French Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 432 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

French Certification

Introduction to the French Language

French is popular for being the first language spoken by the people in France, Switzerland, Brussels, Acadia region in Canada, Quebec, French Louisiana and in any other communities that decide to use French as their ultimate language. There are a lot of countries that use French as their second language and these include Africa. It was also estimated that there are around seventy to one hundred ten million native speakers of the French language while the secondary speakers of the said language reaches one hundred ninety million. It has also been proven that French is the second among the most studied foreign languages worldwide. It is next to English.

If you are one of the millions of people who wish to learn the basics of speaking and writing the French language, then be aware that you can enroll in a French certification course to hone your skills and provide information about how you can speak and write the language. With the help of a French course, you will become more familiar about the most commonly used words and phrases by native French speakers. An advantage of learning the language is that you get the chance to compete globally especially if you want to get the best employment opportunities. Learning the French language is definitely a major help if you want to improve your competitive edge against the other applicants of an international position.

Brainmeasures French Certification Program

Learning French is no longer that hard due to the presence of the French language certification course offered by Brainmeasures. As an ISO certified online certification and testing company, you can expect Brainmeasures to help you learn French in the most convenient way. This certification course is comprehensive enough that you will never find it hard to learn everything about the language including the most commonly used words and phrases and the proper ways to use the French language. You get the chance to learn all the categories linked to speaking and writing the French language including its grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary through Brainmeasures. Aside from all the topics covered in the program, you can also expect it to come with an online French exam. This French proficiency test is given at the end of the program to assess the level of your skills in speaking and writing the French language. If you pass this French test, then you get the chance to finally receive your certificate in the field and use it to increase the number of your career opportunities and improve your competitive edge in the employment industry.

Highlights of the French Certification Program from Brainmeasures

If you want to gain more information about what you can expect from the French certification course offered by Brainmeasures, then be aware that the syllabus of the program is available on the official site of the company. All that you have to do to finally view the detailed syllabus is to register an account with Brainmeasures and log in using the registered account. Viewing the Brainmeasures French certification program will let you know that the following topics are part of it:

  • Demystifying the French language so you will no longer find it hard to learn it
  • Learning the words that are commonly shared by the French and the
  • English language
  • Learning words in both the French and the English language that have slightly different spellings but have the same meanings
  • Using letter substitution patterns as a means of immediately recognizing cognates
  • Straightforward and clear approaches that you can use in completely understanding all the grammatical concepts linked to the French language
  • Improving your French vocabulary
  • Oral and written practice exercises that are extremely useful in learning the French language
  • Understanding the meaning of the most commonly used French words
  • Completing or structuring a sentence using new French words
  • Written practice exercises that will help you improve your skills in writing French including multiple choice exercises, verb conjugations and
  • writing original sentences
  • Quizzes that will surely help hone your skills in mastering the
  • French language

Beneficiaries of the French Certification Course

You can expect the French certification course to benefit different types of people who are aiming to improve their skills in writing and speaking French. This is a very suitable course for you if you have longed to learn the grammatical rules and proper pronunciation of the French language while also ensuring that your French vocabulary is improved. An advantage of learning French is that the language is proven to be one of the most useful languages worldwide so being proficient in this language is a huge help in your attempt to effectively communicate with others despite certain boundaries.

Job Opportunities after Completing a French Certification Course

Studying French and receiving your French certification in the end is a good way to receive international job offers. This certification course will allow you to get any of the following positions:

  • French Interpreter
  • French Language Teacher
  • French Language Customer Service Representative
  • French Speaking Marketing Professional
  • French Account Manager
  • Multilingual Editorial Sports Journalist

Expected Salary for French Certification Holders

Being a holder of French certification does not only allow you to increase the number of your career opportunities but also increase your average annual salary. French language experts can expect to receive an annual salary which starts from $59,000. You may also consider getting part-time jobs such as translation jobs aside from your regular work as a French language expert to further increase the amount of your income.


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