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Service Management Certification

Service Management Certification



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Service Management Certification

What is Service Management?

Service management is also popular for its other name IT service management (ITSM). It refers to the integration of the actual sales and customer intersection into the supply chain management. One of the major purposes of proper service management is to effectively optimize supply chains that are usually more service intensive and complex when compared to the usual supply chain which has finished goods. The majority of supply chains that are service incentive usually need huge inventories and an even tighter incorporation with third parties and the field service. These supply chains are also required to effectively accommodate uncertain and inconsistent demands through the establishment of more advanced product flows and information. All the processes used in the supply chains that are service intensive should also be properly coordinated along multiple service locations that contain numerous parts and levels.

If you wish to become a certified service manager, then rest assured that there is a reliable service management course which can work perfectly for you. Enrolling in this certification course will allow you to become more familiar about all the benefits that the service management process and practices can provide including the significant decrease in the cost of services, reduction of the total cost of inventory for service parts, proper optimization of the quality of customer care, increase revenue, improve the level of customer satisfaction, reduce the amount of service part obsolescence and reduce the number of visits to technicians.

Brainmeasures Service Management Certification Program

If one of your biggest dreams is to become an expert in service management, then rest assured that the service management certification program which is now offered by a popular and reputable online certification company called Brainmeasures can assist you in achieving your goals. This certification course can offer you the most detailed training considering the fact that it uses high quality learning materials while also providing a hundred percent assurance that the program was developed by experts in the field of service management who knows exactly what they are doing. The program also operates by sticking to all the standards and regulations set by ISO so getting an idea about how to successfully carry out your tasks as a certified service manager is greatly possible. With the help of this program, you will also become more familiar about all the major components of the service management process including the service offerings and strategies, spare parts management, the returns, warranties and repairs, the field service management and the customer management. Brainmeasures will give you your certificate as soon as you pass its expertly developed and error-free service management exam.

Highlights of the Service Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The Brainmeasures service management certification program covers a variety of topics guaranteed to help you become an effective service management professional. Brainmeasures is dedicated towards providing you the most accurate information that will surely provide a positive impact on the performance of the business organization which you are working for. Here are some topics that are included in the comprehensive service management certification program which Brainmeasures offers to the public:

  • Basics of service management
  • Understanding all the standards and the best practices used in the service management process
  • Proper implementation of the most effective strategies for service management and ITIL
  • Understanding the technical framework of the service management process
  • Effective ways to properly manage the data center
  • Effectively operating the service desk and support
  • Executing the proper data management process under the service management concept
  • Securing the IT department of an organization
  • Effectively establishing plans for the evolution of an organization’s data center
  • Understanding the most vital aspects of service management including manufacturing, retail, education, health care, service provider and hospitality
  • Learning the do’s and don’ts of service management
  • Vital resources that you can use in effectively executing the service management process

Beneficiaries of the Service Management Certification Program

You can expect the service management certification program offered by Brainmeasures to help those who are in need of relevant information about the service management process. The certification course is suitable enough for those who need a basic understanding about service management, professionals who are responsible in using the process to improve the quality of the IT department of an organization, IT professionals who adapts the ITIL and COBIT framework when performing their tasks and responsibilities and for anyone who is greatly interested about completely understanding the subject.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Service Management Certification Course

Numerous jobs are available for service management certification holders. You can expect to get hired in any of the following position as soon as you complete the service management certification course and pass the exam:

  • Certified Service Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Service Operations Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Service Line Manager

Expected Salary for Service Management Certification Holders

Getting any service management position in an organization can be very profitable for you. It is because it allows you to earn a decent sum of money. Service management certification holders who are still new in the field can earn around $40,000 annually while the more experienced ones can enjoy an annual salary which starts from $104,000.


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