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Technical Analysis Certification

Technical Analysis Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Technical Analysis Certification

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis refers to a security analysis discipline designed to forecast or predict the direction of prices by studying previous market data including price and volume. The technical analysis process also uses trading rules and models that are based on volume and price transformations like moving averages, relative strength index, intra-market and inter-market price correlations, regressions, stock market cycles and business cycles. The process can also be carried out by recognizing chart patterns. Technical analysis also works effectively in analyzing volume, price and any other essential market information. It is different from fundamental analysis which covers the tasks of examining the facts of the market, commodity, currency and company.

Technical analysis also focuses more on studying the market demand and supply despite the numerous tools that it uses. The market demand and supply are being studied to figure out market directions and trends in the future. It also aims to fully understand market emotions by closely examining the market itself instead of its components. Gaining a complete understanding about all the advantages, strategies and limitations linked to technical analysis is a major help in your attempt to obtain a new set of skills and tools designed to transform you into a more effective investor or trader. Most technical analysis certification holders or experts believe that market psychology can influence the trading process in a manner which allows them to predict the rising and falling of stocks.

Brainmeasures Technical Analysis Certification Program

If you are an aspiring technical analyst, then be aware that the technical analysis certification program which is now offered by a reputable online certification company called Brainmeasures can help you in achieving your dreams. Enrolling in the technical analysis course offered by Brainmeasures is one of the wisest moves that you can ever take as this is extremely useful in your attempt to enhance your level of knowledge about the field while also honing your skills in accurately predicting market trends. The comprehensiveness of the technical analysis training which you can receive from enrolling in the certification course can also give you a clearer idea about how you can use the many tools that are now available for certified technical analysts in analyzing the market. Your knowledge will also be tested through the technical analysis exam. This technical analysis test will serve as an evaluation of what you have learned from the course and if the level of your knowledge is already enough to make you worthy of holding your certificate as a technical analyst.

Highlights of the Technical Analysis Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures technical analysis certification program is comprehensively developed to make sure that each topic that an aspiring technical analyst desires to master is covered. Completing this certification course will allow you to master all aspects and topics linked to technical analysis including the following:

  • Definition of technical analysis
  • Gathering vital information about all the tools that you can use in technical analysis
  • Importance of learning the basics of predicting market trends
  • Taking advantage of effective indicators in order for you to trade in a more systematic manner
  • Effectively managing your trading decisions
  • Observing the behavior of the market by learning the basics of reading basic bars and using these to determine the movement of security prices
  • Reading and completely understanding the combinations and patterns shown in a special bar
  • Basics of using the Japanese candlesticks
  • Taking advantage of your technical analysis knowledge and skills to see patterns in charts
  • Utilizing dynamic lines in making market predictions
  • Estimating the volatility of the market
  • Finding the most reliable trading system to reduce your risks of losing when trading in the market
  • Learning the secrets of successful technical traders
  • Rules that you need to follow when using indicators

Beneficiaries of the Technical Analysis Certification Program

The technical analysis certification course is proven to be really beneficial to almost all types of people especially those who are aiming to gather information about the most effective financial analysis tools including trends and charts and use these in examining previous data to detect future trends. Among the individuals and professionals who can receive great benefits from enrolling in the financial analysis certification course are dealers and traders, treasury staff, investment professionals, capital markets professionals, finance staff and financial market professionals.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Technical Analysis Certification Course

Technical analysis certification holders also get the chance to receive numerous and stable job offers. You can expect your certification to help you get any of the following organizational positions:

  • Senior Technical Data Management Analyst
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Executive Technical Support Analyst
  • Technical Accounting Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Technical Analyst
  • Technical Trade Support Analyst

Expected Salary for Technical Analysis Certification Holders

It should also be noted that technical analysis certification holders can expect to enjoy an improved financial stability. It is because various organizations may offer a higher salary as soon as you can show them that you are a certified technical analysis expert. This profession actually allows you to earn around $81,000 per year. You can also expect to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars if you use your knowledge and skills in technical analysis to become a successful trader.


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