Modern Banking Certification

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Modern Banking Certification

Modern Banking Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Modern Banking Certification

Introduction to Modern Banking

Modern banking offers systems that provide the best banking solutions and services through effective consultation, design, ongoing professional training and support and superior software and hardware. If you want to obtain a better idea about modern finance and banking, then you have to fully understand the major components of money supply which is now considered as the available money in the economy. Money supply actually comes in two major categories. The first one is the liquid asset which can be defined as an asset which is easily accessible and can be immediately used when it comes to purchasing goods and services. An example of liquid assets is the money which you deposit in your checking account. The second category of money supply is the asset which you can easily convert into cash but is not available for direct use. Examples of this would be savings accounts and money market mutual funds.

A complete understanding about money supply is a major help in your attempt to take full advantage of modern banking systems. Modern banking is actually beneficial because of its ability to effectively create money and demand deposits, support the smooth payment mechanisms, obtain higher savings, support smooth-sailing international transactions, efficiently store valuable goods and provide other forms of services other than traditional banking including the payment of electricity, cell phone and telephone bills through credit cards, debit cards and ATM. Sending money and paying employee salaries are now also possible with the help of modern banking. This offers a higher level of security and comfort.

Brainmeasures Modern Banking Certification Program

Gaining a complete understanding about the modern banking systems is now possible with the comprehensive and updated information included in the modern banking certification program offered by Brainmeasures. Brainmeasures has become extremely popular at present because of its ability to provide individuals and professionals with the most reliable and complete online certification programs so rest assured that the company can offer you ultimate satisfaction with its modern banking course. This certification course offered by Brainmeasures is comprehensive so expect to receive the most detailed modern banking training possible. You will get a better idea about all the modern banking systems that are now used by the different banks worldwide and their individual functions. To help the experts in Brainmeasures assess the level of your knowledge and skills in modern banking, you will have to take the online banking exam which forms a major part of its modern banking certification program. If you successfully pass this exam, then expect to receive your hard copy certificate right away.

Highlights of the Modern Banking Certification Program Offered by Brainmeasures

You will definitely learn a lot of things from the modern banking certification program offered by Brainmeasures. After you complete the Brainmeasures modern banking certification course, you can expect to master the following topics:

  • Banking definition and its major functions
  • Basic structure of a bank
  • Strategies used in effectively diversifying vital banking activities
  • Understanding issues linked to banking
  • Detecting financial and management risks in banking
  • Approaches used when it comes to managing financial and credit risks
  • Global or international regulation of banks
  • Basic banking structure and regulation in the US, Japan, UK and EU
  • Banking reforms and development in some countries like China, India and Russia
  • Analyzing political risks and their connection to modern banking
  • Definition of bank failure
  • Indicators that a bank is on the verge of failing
  • Understanding the concepts and strategies behind effective long-term capital management
  • Understanding some of the most competitive issues associated to banking
  • Organizational forms in banking including commercial, universal, merchant and investment banks
  • Core functions undertaken by reputable banks
  • Differences between the objective functions of bank regulators and managers
  • Identifying all the major causes of financial crisis and bank failure

Beneficiaries of the Modern Banking Certification Program

The modern banking certification program from Brainmeasures targets hundreds of individuals and professionals who wish to completely understand the different modern banking systems that are now used by different banks. This is perfect for those who are taking up a Masters degree in banking and finance and those who are on their advance undergraduate levels. The program is also ideal for bank practitioners and professionals who desire to broaden and deepen their understanding about all the issues related to modern banking.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Modern Banking Certification Course

Those who have completed a modern banking certification course can enjoy the sudden increase in the number of jobs that are offered to them. If you are one of the holders of a modern banking certification, then the following vital positions are perfect for you:

  • Banking Implementation Analyst
  • Senior Banking Integration / Solutions Architect
  • Financial Sales Representatives
  • Banking Business Systems Analyst
  • Senior Banking Compliance Analyst
  • Global Bank Operations Manager

Expected Salary for Holders of Modern Banking Certification

Modern banking certification holders can expect to earn higher once they start to work in a reputable bank or financial institution. Your modern banking certification is a major help in increasing your average annual salary to $91,000. The good thing about this is that according to experts, this amount has a huge potential for growth in the next few years.


Modern Banking Certification

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