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Ajax Certification

Ajax Certification



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Ajax Certification

Introduction to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) Programming

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) programming refers to a combination of interrelated web development strategies used by individuals when it comes to creating asynchronous applications on the web. It works effectively in the effective development of web applications by combining CSS and XHTML standard based presentations, page interaction with the help of DOM, data interchange through XSLT and XML, asynchronous retrieval of data with the help of XMLHttpRequest and tying all these together through JavaScript. With the help of AJAX, you can develop web applications that are effective in sending and retrieving data from an asynchronous server without obstructing the behavior and display of all existing web pages. AJAX offers numerous benefits and the following are just some of them:

  • It guarantees significant reduction in the number of round trips since it works effectively in reducing the specific number of webpage transitions within a web application.
  • It reduces the uploaded and downloaded size of data since it lets programmers control all transferred data.
  • It saves time, money and effort because of the faster transmission of data.
  • It improves the productivity in the workplace because of its efficiency and ability to quickly complete numerous tasks. It also works in reducing the steps and procedures involved in completing tasks.
  • It comes with a simpler user interface and this works not only in improving productivity but also in reducing errors and training costs.
  • It improves the responsiveness of web applications and this is a major help in ensuring that the workflow continues without any interruptions.

Brainmeasures AJAX Certification Program

If you want to receive the most comprehensive AJAX training possible, then the Brainmeasures AJAX certification program is highly recommended for you. As the leading company in the field of online certification and skill testing, you can expect Brainmeasures to offer you the highest level of information, skills and knowledge about AJAX through its highly commendable AJAX course. With the help of the AJAX certification course from Brainmeasures, you get the chance to generate more detailed information about this effective programming method. The comprehensiveness of this certification course makes it possible for you to understand all the major components of AJAX including XML, XHTML, JavaScript, JSON and CSS. You will get a detailed AJAX tutorial through this certification course which will make it easier for you to use the programming method in creating more interactive programs that are rich in multimedia applications. The knowledge that you can get from Brainmeasures AJAX certification course will allow you to compete even with professionals who have received a more advanced certification in IT. But before you will receive your AJAX certificate, you will need to take and pass the online AJAX exam from Brainmeasures as this will prepare you in solving actual situations once you start to use the programming method.

Highlights of the AJAX Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Nothing can beat the comprehensiveness of the AJAX certification program from Brainmeasures so you can expect it to be a really huge help when it comes to fully understanding how the programming method works. Through the Brainmeasures AJAX certification course, you will get the chance to master the following topics that are related to this vital programming method:

  • Overview of the main operations of AJAX
  • Understanding all the major benefits of AJAX
  • Understanding everything about JavaScript which is the major framework through which AJAX is built
  • Generating a clearer background of how AJAX programming works
  • Grabbing XML or plain text data from the server to start the AJAX programming process
  • Effectively supporting numerous AJAX requests to your server
  • Introduction to the major frameworks used in the AJAX programming language
  • Understanding all the techniques used in AJAX programming including the proper ways to operate the drag and drop feature, pop-up menus and the process of downloading images
  • Using XML in JavaScript to achieve success in your AJAX programming projects
  • Effectively dealing with complex XML documents and easily extracting all the vital data that you need from them
  • Basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how you can use it to create a fully functional web application
  • Using PHP in developing web applications through AJAX
  • Design issues that you may encounter when using AJAX

Beneficiaries of the AJAX Certification Program

The AJAX certification program is extremely beneficial to a wide array of individuals and professionals especially those who are working in an IT environment. The certification course is suitable for creative technical professionals who want to start using AJAX in their web designing projects, web developers who wish to use AJAX in creating the most professional-looking and fully functional web applications and high quality websites that are effective in ensuring fast data transmission while streamlining the experiences of users and web designers who wish to use their AJAX knowledge and skills to improve their career.

Job Opportunities after Completing an AJAX Certification Course

AJAX certification holders are in great demand at present so you can expect various business organizations to seek your services as soon as you complete your online certification course in this field. The following are just few of the many jobs that are suitable for AJAX certification holders:

  • Senior AJAX Integrator
  • Senior AJAX Web Developer
  • AJAX Senior Software Engineer
  • AJAX Front End Developer
  • JAVA PHP Web Developer
  • Website Design Consultant

Expected Salary for AJAX Certification Holders

Your AJAX certification can bring you closer towards reaching your desired level of earnings. As an AJAX expert, your annual earnings will start to range from $80,000 to $122,000. Since many business organizations especially the large ones need effective web applications that work in improving the productivity of their workplace while also improving their business performance, you can also expect business owners to start offering you an even higher pay for your services. As an AJAX certification holder, you can also go online and look for prospective employers who will allow you to work online and on a part-time basis to further increase your profitability.


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