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Sports Management Certification

Sports Management Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 213 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Sports Management Certification

What is Sports Management?

Sports management refers to an educational field which is mainly focused on sports on the business perspective. It involves combining skills that are essential to planning, directing, budgeting, evaluating, leading, controlling and organizing a department or a business organization which products and services are linked to physical activities and sports. Sports management is essential in making sure that all sports coaches, fans, financial backers and players continue to coexist on a peaceful manner. This process works effectively in ensuring that various sports events are carefully planned, publicized, coached and administered. The process also encompasses some of the most vital elements of accounting, economics, law, communications, psychology and marketing as it relates to sports. Other crucial areas that are covered by sports management are the following:

  • Amateur, college and professional sports
  • Sports management and marketing firms
  • Companies that focus on sports communications and news media
  • Corporate advertising and sponsorship companies
  • Sports stadium, civic centers and arenas
  • Community sports and recreation programs
  • Social service agency sport
  • Sports information
  • Sports facility management
  • Sports law and ethics
  • Sport finance
  • Social service agency sports programs
  • Ticketing, financial and accounting operations of a sports program or event
  • Risk management plan development
  • Selling of licensed sport products and sporting goods

Brainmeasures Sports Management Certification Program

Sports management is such a broad area so taking part in a sports management certification program is one of the wisest moves that you can ever take in your attempt to become an expert in this field. Your best choice is the sports management course offered by Brainmeasures. This online certification from Brainmeasures is developed by renowned experts in the field while sticking to strict ISO standards and regulations so you have a hundred percent assurance that it can provide you with the highest level of information especially about the most commonly used sports management applications and principles.

With the help of Brainmeasures, you will receive a highly comprehensive sports management training which will allow you to obtain a clearer view of the exciting and exhilarating sports industry from a business perspective. You will become more familiar about the psychological and sports management principles that work behind them. Receiving your sports management certificate from Brainmeasures is also an indication that you have a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in the business field while having the ability to closely examine the interaction of the sports and the business industry. The sports management certification course is definitely a major help in your attempt to become a real expert in the field.

Highlights of the Sports Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures sports management certification program covers a wide array of topics that will definitely help you reach your aim of becoming a sports management expert. Among the major topics that form a vital part of the sports management certification program from Brainmeasures are the following:

  • Understanding the sports management process and its environment
  • Overview of the most unique features of the different kinds of sports
  • Major sectors of sport
  • Roles and the contributions of the state and the society in the field of sports development
  • Sticking to the rules, regulations and control set by the state when developing sports
  • Understanding the nonprofit sector of sports
  • Issues encountered by those who are part of the nonprofit sector of sports
  • Introduction to professional sport and global sports
  • Learning sponsorship as it relates to the sports industry
  • A more comprehensive background of all the sports management principles used at present
  • Importance of sports management
  • Different stages involved in carrying out the strategic management process in sports including strategic analysis, direction, formulation, implementation and evaluation
  • Understanding the structure and dimensions of a sports organization
  • Challenges that are usually encountered by sports management experts
  • Human resource management process in the sports industry
  • Theories and principles behind leadership and the major challenges faced by leaders in various sports associations and organizations
  • Effective sports governance
  • Establishing an effective sports performance management framework or model
  • Challenges that the experts in sports management may face in the future

Beneficiaries of the Sports Management Certification Program

The sports management certification program offered by Brainmeasures aims to provide all its participants with a more comprehensive and detailed introduction and information to all the principles and practical applications behind sports management and how different sports organizations operate at state/provincial, national, community and international levels. The sports management certification course is most suitable for venue managers, facility operators, event managers, project managers and new and existing leaders in the sports industry as well as individuals and professionals who wish to qualify in various areas of sports and sports management.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Sports Management Certification Course

Sports management is a highly competitive field and industry so you can expect your sports management certification to help you receive numerous job offers. Completing your sports management certification course will open up doors for you in the following positions:

  • Sporting Goods Sales Representative
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Business Manager
  • Sports Operations and Finance Supplemental Manager
  • Olympic Education Coordinator
  • Community Sports Program Director

Expected Salary for Sports Management Certification Holders

If you are planning to complete a sports management certification course, then you have to keep in mind that your experience in this field is not the only factor which can affect the amount of salary that you will receive. Other factors that may affect it are the location where you practice your profession, your position, your employer, the level of your skills and certification received as well as any special skills that you have that will allow you to become an even more effective sports management expert. Note that sports management certification holders are now earning a stable income within the range of $44,000 to $116,000 per year. Most of those that receive the highest level of salary in the field are those that are working in high-paying states like New York, Massachusetts and California.


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