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Photoshop CS4 Certification

Photoshop CS4 Certification



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Photoshop CS4 Certification

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is one of the most feature rich versions of the graphics editing program called Adobe Photoshop which was created, developed and published by Adobe Systems. It offers more features than its predecessors including its smoother zooming and panning which permits the quicker editing of images using higher magnification. The CS4 version of the Adobe Photoshop also comes with a more simplified interface which is based on tabs so you can expect it to look cleaner while ensuring that you will never have a difficult time using it. Another great feature of Photoshop CS4 is its 3D engine which gives you the chance to convert gradient maps into 3D, obtain print quality and high quality output using the ray tracing rendering engine of the program and enhancing the depth to the texts and layers present in your images. The program is also compatible with all the formats used in 3D while also boosting its other useful features called the content aware scaling which lets you to easily and intelligently scale and size images, file display setting and options and fluid canvas rotation which allows you to easily edit and rotate all types of images in various angles.

Other useful features that you will surely enjoy about the Adobe Photoshop CS4 are 3D motion graphics, scientific imaging features, high-end video and film features and accurate image analysis feature. It also comes with a speedier 3D mechanism which gives you the opportunity to directly paint using 3D models, animate 3D items and wrap 2D images using the 3D engine to convert them into 3D.

Brainmeasures Photoshop CS4 Certification Program

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is now among the most widely used graphics editing software worldwide which is useful in a wide range of applications and enrolling in a Photoshop CS4 certification course is a wise move in improving the level of your proficiency in this field. You can take up the Photoshop CS4 course from Brainmeasures, a reputable company known for its ability to satisfy all the participants of its different certification programs with well-detailed training and high quality and accurate information. What you can get from this online certification course from Brainmeasures is a highly comprehensive Adobe Photoshop training which covers all the aspects related to using the CS4 version, its features and tools and some of the most advanced techniques and concepts used in the program. This is also a huge help in your attempt to understand the layout of the program’s interface and how you can use it to your greatest advantage. Before you receive your certification from Brainmeasures, you will have to take up the online CS4 exam and work hard towards successfully passing it. Receiving your Photoshop CS4 certificate will show your competence and proficiency in Photoshop CS4 as well as your familiarity with all the major components of the program and this is a huge help in impressing your potential colleagues in the workplace.

Highlights of the Photoshop CS4 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures Photoshop CS4 certification program aims to offer you the highest standard of excellence in the field of using the program and receiving your certificate in this field is a huge help in communicating to everyone that you have the highest level of proficiency in the field. The Photoshop CS4 certification course from Brainmeasures covers a wide range of topics that are sure to hone your skills and expertise in the field including the following:

  • Closely scrutinizing the Adobe Photoshop environment
  • Familiarizing yourself on the tools panel of the program
  • Using the Adobe Photoshop CS4 program in creating and editing images and printing high quality output
  • Determining the perfect size and resolution for your images
  • Selecting the most suitable color settings and file formats for your images
  • Effective color management
  • Procedures involved in drawing and painting using the Photoshop CS4 program
  • Ways to fill and stroke the drawn and painted images
  • Editing the images
  • Creating and effectively managing the layers
  • Using the opacity and blend settings of the Photoshop CS4 program
  • Taking advantage of channels
  • Using advanced masking techniques to produce the best images
  • Correcting images by applying filters
  • Improving images by making adjustments using Photoshop
  • Using the toning and focus tools to repair the images in Photoshop CS4
  • Preparing the produced graphics and images for final printing

Beneficiaries of the Photoshop CS4 Certification Program

The Photoshop CS4 certification course which is now accessible at Brainmeasures aims to help individuals, professionals and business owners improve their skills in using the program. It is a huge help for individuals and professionals who wish to differentiate themselves from their competitors and get their resume noticed by leveraging the Adobe brand’s power. It is also a huge help to anyone who wishes to understand the Photoshop CS4 program and use its many tools and features in producing the most captivating images and graphics.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Photoshop CS4 Certification Course

Enrolling in the Photoshop CS4 certification course is indeed a major help in improving your competitiveness in the employment industry since it works in getting your resume noticed and in capturing the attention of your prospective employer. The following are among the jobs that can work suitably for Photoshop CS4 certification holders:

  • Web / Graphic Designer
  • System Integrator and Developer
  • Digital Imaging Specialist
  • IT Support and Designer
  • Web Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic Interaction Designer

Expected Salary for Photoshop CS4 Certification Holders

Completing a Photoshop CS4 certification course allows you to enter a very lucrative industry considering the many business organizations and professionals needing the services of experts in graphic designing and editing using Adobe Photoshop. If you are still a beginner, specifically someone who has been in the industry for one to four years, your annual salary would range from $33,000 to $50,000 with a potential for a huge increase as you gain more years of experience. Web and graphic designers also earn around $62,000 per year.


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