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Job Control Language Certification

Job Control Language Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 660 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Job Control Language Certification

Job Control Language (JCL) Defined

Job Control Language (JCL) refers to a scripting language which is now used on specific operating systems with IBM mainframe as a means of instructing the system on either starting a subsystem or running a batch job. Two IBM mainframes are actually used when it comes to using JCL. The first one is primarily designed for operating system lineage which begins at DOS/360 while the other one is primarily designed for operating system lineage which starts from OS/360 to z/OS. Although the two have some similar basic concepts and syntax rules, the majority of their operations are different. JCL offers a wide array of benefits and these include properly identifying the job, providing relevant information that allow the computer services department within an organization to accurately bill the most appropriate user department and defining the specific procedures involved in running a job including priorities associated to other projects and jobs that are still in queue. Note that the following are also among the most notable features and characteristics of the Job Control Language (JCL):

  • Effective in identifying jobs that are composed of related job steps
  • Comes with an identified statement for jobs
  • Can operate up to two hundred fifty-five job steps
  • Comes with a program entered into the OS and serve as one of the job steps
  • Job steps identified using EXEC statement

Job steps that are composed of Job Control Language statements that work in requesting and controlling the program’s execution, requesting needed resources to operate the program and filling the program with all the data that it needs

Brainmeasures JCL Certification Program

If you want to know exactly how the Job Control Language (JCL) works, then you should know that enrolling in the JCL certification program from Brainmeasures works in significantly raising your awareness in the field while also transforming you into a JCL expert. The job control language which is now part of the many highly reliable certification programs from Brainmeasures allows you to embrace all the concepts, features and strategies linked to using JCL. This online certification course is proven to be really effective when it comes to improving the level of your proficiency in the field and in honing your skills in using JCL so you will have an easier time showing your competence in the organization which you are planning to provide your expert services. The JCL training online which you can get from the JCL certification course from Brainmeasures is not only reliable but highly comprehensive as well so improving your skills in this field will no longer become impossible. The program comes with an online JCL exam which was developed by renowned professionals and experts in the JCL industry and you need to pass this in order for you to get your Job Control Language certificate. The exam aims to accurately measure the level of your programming knowledge and skills using JCL and determine if you deserve to finally grab a copy of your certificate and start working in the industry.

Highlights of the JCL Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The comprehensiveness of the JCL certification program from Brainmeasures makes it easier for you to understand even the most complex topics related to this scripting language. With the help of the JCL certification course from Brainmeasures, you will come out as an expert in the following areas and topics:

  • Introduction to all the statements used in both JCL and Job Entry Control Language (JECL)
  • Accurately entering or inputting jobs into JCL
  • Processing the jobs entered into the scripting language
  • Requesting the right resources needed to process the jobs
  • Understanding the most basic statement formats in JCL and the control statement fields of both JES2 and JES3 (Job Entry Sub-system 2 & 3)
  • Understanding all the notations used in showing syntax of parameters
  • Introduction to in-stream and cataloged procedures
  • Properly using the symbols of both JCL and the system
  • Deciding whether the use of a started task is needed
  • Identifying the system services needed for started task coding
  • Command statements of JCL defined
  • Defining the comment, CNTL and DD statement of JCL
  • Understanding special DD statements and how you can use these to effectively carry out jobs entered into the JCL scripting language
  • Descriptions of Delimiter, EXEC, ENDCNTL, INCLUDE and JOB statements
  • Useful parameters of accounting information

Beneficiaries of the JCL Certification Program

The JCL certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures is a major help for individuals and professionals who are planning to understand JCL and its relationship to effective data and job management. This is most suitable for aspiring and existing application and system programmers and any other professionals who are responsible in accurately coding various statements and in effectively entering compatible programs into an operating system. This JCL certification program is also a good choice for end users, JCL specialists, managers, operations staff and technical support staff who are tasked in reading and coding JCL.

Job Opportunities after Completing a JCL Certification Course

Your JCL certification is your gateway towards increasing the number of your job prospects. If you complete a JCL certification course, then you can expect to thrive in the following positions:

  • Senior JCL Developer
  • JCL Applications Support Specialist
  • Production Control Specialist
  • Senior JCL Mainframe Software Engineer
  • JCL Programmer
  • JCL DataStage Developer

Expected Salary for JCL Certification Holders

Presently, JCL certification holders who have decided to start practicing their profession are among those who are earning the most competitive salary in the industry. This means that completing your JCL certification course will allow you to get hired in higher paying positions. The most common salary range for JCL experts is around $34,000 to $97,000 per year. If you work as a senior software developer after you receive your JCL certification, then your annual earnings can reach up to $304,000 according to PayScale.com.


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Job Control Language Certification

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