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MAC Certification

MAC Certification



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MAC Certification

Introduction to MAC Computers

Macintosh or more popularly known as MAC computers refer to a line of laptop and desktop computers which was developed and introduced by Apple. The first MAC computer was released in the year 1984 and it has been referred to as the first computer which comes with a graphical user interface (GUI). This unit is considered as all-in-one, having its own color display, keyboard and mouse. Among the major reasons why the different MAC models that are now introduced to the public continue to capture the attention of computer users is that these are guaranteed to have a computer interface which is not only natural but user-friendly and intuitively understandable as well. Most of the ideas used in the user interface of MAC computers actually resulted from the experiments conducted in early 70s at the Xerox Parc Laboratory. These user interface ideas include using icons to signify actions or objects, mouse, click-and-drag and point-and-click actions and other ideas used in effectively operating windows. Included among the most recent product line of MAC are the following:

  • MAC Pro known as a professional desktop computer sold to the public as a system unit
  • MAC Mini known as an all-in-one desktop model which is primarily designed for both professional and home users
  • MAC Mini which is suitable for server and home purposes and appear as a small desktop unit
  • MAC Book Pro known for its portability and works more suitably for professional users and students
  • MAC Book Air, a portable and lightweight computer ideal for those who love to travel

Brainmeasures MAC Certification Program

If you want to fully understand everything about MAC computers, then it is advisable for you to enroll in a MAC certification course. A reliable MAC course which covers everything about all the Macintosh computers developed by Apple is something that you can get from a company known for its good reputation and highly reliable nature called Brainmeasures. With the help of this online certification course from Brainmeasures, you will no longer fumble about how to make the most out of your MAC computer. This is one of the most commendable IT certification programs from Brainmeasures since it works in providing you with the most detailed MAC training which covers all the aspects related to properly using your unit including the different ways to take advantage of all its useful features. With the help of the MAC certification course offered by Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it hard to look for the most suitable software, applications and programs that you can safely download and install into your unit. The good thing about allowing yourself to become MAC certified through the MAC certification program from Brainmeasures is that you also get the chance to protect all the vital components of your computer while also learning how to effectively handle all the issues that you may encounter when using it. To help you get your certificate in this field, you need to commit yourself towards passing the online MAC exam which comes along with the MAC certification program.

Highlights of the MAC Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Understanding everything about all the computer versions of MAC is never impossible with the easy accessibility of the MAC certification program from Brainmeasures. With the help of this online certification course, you get the chance to master the following topics and areas:

  • Basics of MAC computers, their individual user interface and the procedures involved in safely running programs and installing and uninstalling them
  • Customizing a MAC computer by making some adjustments on its settings
  • Making the most out of the dashboard widgets
  • Effectively protecting computer data with the help of time machine and any other effective programs
  • Procedures involved in troubleshooting and maintaining the good condition of your MAC
  • Taking advantage of the entertainment features of your MAC including its audio, music, videos and movies
  • Proper ways to import, view and organize photos using the most suitable features installed in MAC
  • Safely connecting to the internet and using your MAC to send and receive emails and use video chatting and instant messaging
  • How to protect your MAC against threats coming from the internet and your network
  • Using iPhoto to organize your photos and iMovie to create and download movies
  • Taking advantage of iWeb to build and design your own website
  • Using iWork to create documents, present keynotes and compute numbers
  • Taking advantage of MAC for your networking activities

Beneficiaries of the MAC Certification Program

The MAC certification program which you can now easily access at Brainmeasures can benefit any user of MAC computers and anyone who wishes to understand how the different versions of MAC work. The program is most suitable for technical coordinators, technical support professionals, system administrators and any other IT professionals who are tasked to plan, support and integrate different MAC versions and the most compatible applications, software and programs for it into a multi-platform setting or environment.

Job Opportunities after Completing a MAC Certification Course

Considering the thousands of users of the different MAC computer versions, it is no longer surprising if you will notice a great availability of suitable jobs for you as soon as you complete your MAC certification course. Among the many jobs that will suit your skills and knowledge as a MAC certification holder are the following:

  • Apple MAC Help Desk Specialist
  • Apple MAC Technical Coordinator
  • Apple MAC Desktop Service Technician
  • Apple MAC System Administrator
  • MAC Support Analyst
  • MAC Application Sales Executive

Expected Salary for MAC Certification Holders

A huge increase in your salary is also possible as soon as you complete your MAC certification course. A MAC certification holder usually earn around $75,000 per year and this amount can grow depending on his level of experience, location and his designation within an organization. If you work as a MAC specialist, then your average annual salary would be $63,000. Holding a MAC technician position allows you to earn around $79,000 per year while working as a MAC administrator lets you enjoy an annual salary of $72,000 to $97,000.


MAC Certification

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