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PHP5 certification

PHP5 certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

PHP5 certification

Introduction to PHP5

PHP refers to a general purpose and reliable server-side scripting language designed originally for website development as a means of producing more dynamic website pages. One of its best versions is the PHP5 released in 2004 because of the many useful features that comes along with it. PHP5 is more focused on object-oriented capabilities and syntax while also having a few similarities to JAVA. Among the most notable features of the PHP5 version are the following:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Features - All the programming features in PHP5 including the constructors, destructors, interfaces, class type hints, abstract classes and static methods and properties help all programmers perform their tasks and responsibilities in a better way.
  • Newer and More Improved MySQL Extension – This specific feature is useful because of its ability to offer prepared statements, effective multi-query functions, reliable SSL connections and bound output and input parameters.
  • Newer and More Advanced XML Features. These features work effectively in allowing XML extensions to work as a whole and process data in a more efficient manner.
  • SQLite Database Support – SQLite refers to an embedded database library which permits the storing and querying of vital data with the help of an interface run by SQL without having to install and run another database application. It allows PHP5 to support and handle all types of transactions, triggers and threats and sub-queries.
  • Exception or Error Handling. This specific feature is a huge help in allowing PHP5 to easily separate logic associated to programming from error and exception handling and placing them into adjacent code blocks.

Brainmeasures PHP5 Certification Program

Understanding every detail associated to the PHP5 version of the PHP scripting language is no longer that hard because of the presence of Brainmeasures, a reliable online certification and skill testing company, which now includes the PHP5 certification program among the many highly commendable online IT certification courses that it offers. With the help of the PHP5 course offered by Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it hard to understand what is PHP5 and what are the many features and benefits that it can offer especially to web programmers and web developers. The well-detailed PHP5 training that you will receive from this online certification course is guaranteed to help you understand all the concepts and theories behind the PHP5 version as well as its reliability, stability and dependability. You will get your PHP5 certificate from Brainmeasures after you successfully pass its PHP certification test which is professionally and accurately developed to test your knowledge in the field.

Highlights of the PHP5 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Enrolling in the PHP5 certification program offered by Brainmeasures will allow you to learn a lot of things about the PHP5 version of the PHP scripting language. The following are just among the many vital topics that form a huge part of the Brainmeasures PHP5 certification program:

  • Introduction to the PHP scripting language
  • Setting up the best environment for PHP
  • Procedures involved in establishing your first script using PHP
  • Creating PHP scripts with the help of variables and data
  • Taking complete control of the script that you have created using the PHP scripting language
  • Taking advantage of the PHP5 version of the PHP scripting language
  • Understanding all the useful features installed in PHP5 as well as their individual benefits
  • Tips in effectively reusing codes created using PHP
  • The most common and useful PHP applications that you can use in website development
  • Effectively and safely storing data using PHP
  • Relationship of PHP5 and the operating system that you are currently using
  • Different PHP extensions and their individual benefits
  • Things that you should look out for once you start troubleshooting your PHP script
  • PHP resources that should be around when creating scripts
  • Procedures involved in PHP installation

Beneficiaries of the PHP5 Certification Program

Anyone who wishes to gain a full understanding about PHP5 can receive numerous benefits from deciding to enroll in the PHP5 certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures. This certification course is most suitable for aspiring and existing IT or web professionals who wish to understand the fundamentals of PHP5 and develop more dynamic web contents with the help of data driven pages through PHP5.

Job Opportunities after Completing a PHP5 Certification Course

Numerous jobs are available for individuals and professionals who have successfully completed their PHP5 certification course. If you are a PHP5 certification holder as well, then the following jobs can work perfectly for you:

  • Senior Level PHP5 Programmer
  • Senior PHP5 Web Application Developer
  • PHP5 Software Developer
  • Back-End PHP MySQL Engineer
  • PHP Software Development Director
  • PHP5 Web Application Analyst

Expected Salary for PHP5 Certification Holders

Being a PHP5 certification holder allows you to access jobs that are capable of providing you with a higher level of salary. Your earnings in this field will actually be dependent on the specific position that you hold within a company, your specific location and the industry where you are in, the level of your knowledge and skills and the certifications that you have received and the monetary benefits offered by your employer. If you focus on providing web development and design services after you complete your PHP5 certification course, then your annual earnings can go from $77,000 to $129,000.


PHP5 certification

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