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Six Sigma IT Certification

Six Sigma IT Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Six Sigma IT Certification

About Six Sigma Implementation in IT Certification Program

This e-book has been developed to help you have a deep insight into the foundations and fundamentals of six sigma, the roles which employees play, effective changes and challenges. This e-book will help you have a clear understanding of six sigma tools and techniques. A quick definition of six sigma implies a management technique with fewer defects, reliable processes, higher profits and customer satisfaction.

This six sigma course has been developed to help those who are interested in implementing six sigma methodologies in information technology sector.

IT sector has been hesitant of implementing six sigma methodologies mainly due to lack of awareness and understanding of how six sigma tools can help improve the system development process.

Highlights of this Course and Certification program

This course has been developed to help IT managers implement six sigma methodologies to enhance system development process.

Precise application of six sigma concepts using case studies.

Mapping of six sigma concepts and tools to all aspects of system development such as outsourcing, packaged software implementation, legacy systems support, rapid growth, traditional waterfall, etc.

Implementation of six sigma tools to evaluate and improve the overall performance of IT department.

Introduction to DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) to help increase the reliability of the system.

Application of appropriate lean six sigma tools to reduce the complexity of IT processes.

For Proper Understanding of all concepts of six sigma implementation in IT, this course divided into Nine Major Sections, further divided into sub-sections.

Below is the Brief summary of all 9 sections

Basic explanation of six sigma concepts and introduction to DFSS, difference between six sigma and DFSS

Case studies to illustrate DMAIC model and tools and techniques associated with it.

Explanation of 5 phases of DFSS using case studies.

Usage of six sigma tools to increase the probability of successful system development.

Introduction of steering committees and service level agreements as ways to increase customer focus.

Web-based development project and the measurement and analysis tools to help identify and reduce inherent variation.

Explanation of steps involved in package selection and implementation.

Introduction to outsourcing, explaining successful strategies for outsourcing.

How to treat entire IT function as one single process and implementation of six sigma tools to create a defect-free department.

Purpose of this course and certification program

The primary purpose of this course is to help the candidates use six sigma techniques and methodologies such as DFSS to bring better results in their day to day business and cut costs.

This six sigma course dedicated to using six sigma methodologies in information technology for bringing desired outcomes. This Course will be beneficial for those holding management positions in IT, and it will teach them use of six sigma techniques such as DFSS to solve their problems rather than depending upon old hit and trial methods.

"Although IT often suffers from the shoemaker’s children syndrome and is too busy improving processes within its customers’ departments to analyze and improve its processes, implementation of six sigma methodology can improve the performance of the IT department as a whole.”

To help you learn and successfully implement Six Sigma in Information Technology

Brainmeasures presents its 480-page online course of six sigma in information technology course leading to certification. It is the BEST six sigma training program available online at a very affordable price.

Keeping its tradition alive of providing best quality material, that would serve as an immediate aid for those interested in knowing six sigma and its implementation in information technology, needless to say, that this courseware attuned to the requirements of all interested readers of SIX SIGMA. This six sigma courseware (leading to certification) is prepared by experienced facility aims to provide a systematic introduction to implementation of six sigma in information technology; it attempts to strike a balance between theory and research findings.

It is a perfect mix of the extensive and intensive knowledge source, and all the aspects of the subject have been kept in mind while designing this course.

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