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Basketball Certification

Basketball Certification



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Basketball Certification

Introduction to Basketball

Basketball refers to a team sport which main objective is to score points by shooting a ball into a basket positioned horizontally while making sure that a series of rules and regulations are followed. It is one of the most widely viewed and popular sports worldwide and is played by two teams usually composed of five players. The game is played on a rectangular court which is installed with a basket at two width ends. When it comes to playing basketball, shooting is considered as the most important and fundamental aspect. If a player makes accurate shots continuously, then basketball players, coaches, experts and viewers may find you as one of the deadliest offensive weapons on the basketball court. Proper training in the field of shooting is a huge help in making you a more valuable asset in a basketball team. You also need to significantly improve the level of your endurance, agility, power and speed in order for you to perform better when playing the sport. The following are among the most effective techniques that you can use to become a successful and a more effective basketball player especially in the field of shooting:

  • One Handed Set Shot
  • Proper Ball Placement
  • Right Head and Elbow Placement
  • Jump Shot which requires you to obtain better height by jumping before finally letting go of the ball. Make sure that you do not out-jump your defender when doing this technique.
  • Underhand Lay-up
  • Overhand Lay-up
  • Reverse Lay-up
  • Power Lay-up
  • Hook Shot
  • Dunk

Brainmeasures Basketball Certification Program

If you want to become a more effective basketball player, coach or expert, then rest assured that Brainmeasures, an ISO certified skill testing and online certification company, can offer you a basketball certification course which works in further enhancing your knowledge about the sport. With the help of this basketball course, you will know more about the skills needed to become a more successful basketball player and the level of knowledge required to become a more effective basketball coaching expert. There is even a great chance that you will feel like you are taking up a more advanced basketball coaching course by enrolling in the basketball certification course from Brainmeasures. This online certification course makes it possible for you to enjoy a kind of basketball training which comes with the widest coverage so expect to be able to learn all the vital aspects of the sport. You will also be required to take the online basketball exam and successfully pass it before you can get your certificate as this test will serve as a more accurate assessment of your skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of basketball.

Highlights of the Basketball Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The basketball certification program offered by Brainmeasures is a huge help for all those who wish to learn more about the sport. It is effective in providing all its participants with the highest level of information about basketball. The wide coverage of basketball certification program from Brainmeasures is composed of the following major topics:

  • Basics of basketball
  • Coaching children and the youth in the field of basketball
  • Essential facts about coaching youth basketball
  • Significantly improving your skills in basketball coaching
  • Properly evaluating your basketball team and helping each of the members of the team to improve their skills
  • Effective tips that will help you refine your basketball coaching techniques
  • Effectively coaching beginners in basketball and intermediate players
  • Fundamentals of offense and defense in basketball
  • Fundamental drills that can work suitably for beginners in the sport
  • Coaching offense and defense to the members of your team and to anyone who is interested
  • Learning more about the most advanced strategies in basketball and imparting your knowledge about all these through coaching
  • Major challenges encountered by a basketball coach
  • Things that you should tell your basketball team before the game starts

Beneficiaries of the Basketball Certification Program

The basketball certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures is perfectly suitable for those who strongly desire to become experts in the field of basketball. It works suitably for aspiring and existing basketball athletes, coach, coordinators and tutors who wish to gather information about the sport in order for them to successfully and effectively handle all their responsibilities. The basketball certification course also works for aspiring experts in the field of basketball who wish to know more about all the advanced techniques used in this sport.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Basketball Certification Course

Because of the extreme popularity of basketball at present, it is no longer surprising if you will find a lot of jobs that can work suitably for basketball certification holders. As soon as you complete your basketball certification course, the following career opportunities will become available for you:

  • Basketball Tutor
  • Basketball High Energy Skills Trainer
  • Basketball Operations Director
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Basketball Sports Analyst
  • Basketball League Coordinator

Expected Salary for Basketball Certification Holders

If you wish to complete a basketball certification course with an aim of becoming a basketball coach, then rest assured that this career is highly profitable. In fact, basketball certification holders who are still starting out in the field of coaching by providing their coaching services to elementary and high school students usually earn around $60,000 per year. If you work as a basketball coach in colleges and universities, then your earnings can grow to us much as two million to four million dollars per season. This amount can grow even more if you have already received an extensive experience in the field which makes you suitable for NBA players.


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