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Crystal Reports 2008 Certification

Crystal Reports 2008 Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 390 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Crystal Reports 2008 Certification

Basics of Crystal Reports 2008

Crystal reports can be defined as a business intelligence application and a general purpose reporting tool which is primarily used in designing and generating reports from various data sources. One of the most powerful versions of this specific application and reporting tool is the Crystal Reports 2008. What sets the Crystal Reports 2008 apart from the other versions is that it is proven to be more effective in delivering more actionable data for all business organizations with a more detailed set of newer and more advanced features that are suitable not only for business users but also for application developers and report designers as well. It is also capable of delivering a more advanced functionality which is effective in building more powerful reports, reducing proliferation of reports and saving time and money in maintaining the good condition of the application with the help of high productivity features useful in designing. You can also enjoy newer and more interactive features from using Crystal Reports 2008 including reformatting, parameter filtering and in-report sorting. Other essential features and benefits of the Crystal Reports 2008 are the following:

  • Xcelsius Integration
  • More Interactive Report Viewing
  • Powerful Crosstabs
  • Advanced Report Publishing
  • Improved XML Support
  • Advanced Paging
  • Adobe Flash and Flex Integration
  • Flexible Pagination
  • Enhanced Web Services Data Driver
  • Built-in Barcode Support
  • Multilingual Reporting
  • Hyperlinking Wizard
  • Reduced Install Footprint
  • NET Report Modification SDK

Brainmeasures Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Program

If you are one of those who long to understand how the Crystal Reports 2008 version works, then know that there is nothing more effective than taking part in the Crystal Reports 2008 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures. Brainmeasures is an online skill testing and certification company which is well-recognized in providing the best and the most updated and informative online certification courses so you have a one hundred percent guarantee that you will receive the most accurate and comprehensive Crystal Reports training by enrolling in its Crystal Reports 2008 certification course. This Crystal Reports course offered by Brainmeasures aims to provide you with the highest level of information regarding all the newer and the more advanced features installed in the application and reporting tool. This is one of the best IT certification courses available at Brainmeasures since it guides you all throughout the process of learning the basics of using the Crystal Reports business intelligence application. As soon as you complete your Crystal Reports 2008 certification course, you can expect to be viewed as one of the experts in the field and the certificate that you will receive at the end of the certification course can prove your expertise.

Highlights of the Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Enrolling in the Crystal Reports 2008 certification program offered by Brainmeasures is a huge help when it comes to effectively honing your skills in the field of using this effective business intelligence application and extremely productive reporting tool. With the help of the Brainmeasures Crystal Reports 2008 certification course, your knowledge about the following topics will be heightened:

  • Basics of reporting with the help of Crystal Reports
  • Understanding all the most advanced types and features when it comes to reporting
  • Taking advantage of Crystal Reports in improving the performance of an enterprise
  • Features and benefits of the Crystal Reports 2008 version
  • Effectively formatting reports with the help of the application and the different techniques that you can use in generating bar codes
  • Establishing reports with the help of the blank report option
  • Wisely choosing the fields that should be present in the reports that you have created through Crystal Reports
  • Defining the audience for your report, the effectiveness of a report design and its major purpose
  • Selecting the most relevant contents for your reports
  • How to take advantage of the report creation wizard present in the application
  • Troubleshooting tips that are effective in data retrieval
  • Effectively sorting, totaling and grouping all the data needed for your report
  • Significantly improving the appearance of your report by adding graphical elements and pictures and effectively aligning preprinted forms
  • Effectively enhancing your reports with the help of charts
  • Features that improve the interactivity of all the reports that you have created using Crystal Reports 2008

Beneficiaries of the Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Program

The Crystal Reports 2008 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is a huge help for individuals and professionals who aim to understand everything about Crystal Reports 2008 version especially the basics of planning and creating reports with the help of the application. This certification course can also work effectively for business analysts, report writers and designers, business intelligence systems administrators and any other professionals who wish to gain a more comprehensive background about the basics of using Crystal Reports 2008 in record selection, data organization and formatting, report distribution and exporting and conditional reporting application.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Course

Holders of Crystal Reports 2008 certification enjoy a wide range of career opportunities especially in the IT industry. The following are just few of the many jobs that you can access after receiving your Crystal Reports 2008 certification:

  • Crystal Reports Developer
  • Senior Data Research and Reporting Analyst
  • Business Continuity Analyst
  • Crystal Reports Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Crystal Reports / Clarity Writer
  • Release Management Metrics and Report Delivery Expert

Expected Salary for Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Holders

Crystal Reports 2008 certification holders who get hired in various positions related to using the effective reporting tool can also enjoy a more stable flow of income. If you are a Crystal Reports 2008 certification holder and you apply and get hired for a Crystal Reports developer position, then you can expect this to help you generate an annual salary within the range of $88,000 to $163,000. Working as a Crystal Reports 2008 writer also allows you to get an average annual salary of $74,000.


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