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Word 2010 Certification

Word 2010 Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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Word 2010 Certification

Understanding Word 2010: Its Major Benefits and Features

Word 2010 is now one of the most ubiquitous and powerful word processing applications. While a lot of PC users take advantage of Access, PowerPoint, Excel and any other useful Office apps, word processors are still considered as the most widely used at present. If you are one of the regular users of word processors, then you have to spend time to learn Word 2010 as this application is extremely useful in your attempt to become even more productive. It comes with more enhanced features that allow you to produce professional and high quality documents all the time while also making it easier for to work with other people and access all essential files. It also comes with the finest tools designed for the proper formatting of your documents while also giving you the opportunity to write and organize all your documents. Here are some of the many benefits and useful features that you will surely enjoy from deciding to learn more about Word 2010 and start using it:

  • Allows you to produce the most visually compelling documents
  • Allows users to add impressive formatting effects
  • Wide range of options for customizing office themes and properly coordinating fonts, graphic formatting effects and colors all throughout your documents.
  • Boosts productivity
  • Auto file recovery feature
  • Allows easy access of multiple files anywhere you are
  • Integration of screenshot feature
  • Background images removal
  • Updated ribbon user interface
  • Improved pasting and editing
  • Better file and printing options
  • Protected view

Brainmeasures Word 2010 Certification Program

If you are planning to become a certified professional when it comes to using Word 2010, then you should keep in mind that Brainmeasures, with the help of its high quality and comprehensive Word 2010 certification program, can offer you a lot of help. Brainmeasures has already proven to the public that all its programs along with their skill testing exams are highly effective and are sure to help improve the awareness of its participants regarding their chosen certification courses. The Word 2010 course which is now included among the many offers of the legitimate and ISO certified company is not an exception. With the highly accurate and updated learning materials used in the Word 2010 certification program offered by Brainmeasures, it will never be impossible for you to become more familiar about all the useful features installed in Word 2010 and how you can use all these in effectively organizing and writing your documents, easily accessing them and in dramatically boosting your productivity. As soon as you complete the Brainmeasures Word 2010 certification course, you will receive your certificate and start working as a renowned professional in the field.

Highlights of the Word 2010 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Everything that you want to learn about Word 2010 is included in the Brainmeasures Word 2010 certification program so becoming an expert in using the application is greatly possible. Here is a glimpse of what the Word 2010 certification course from Brainmeasures can offer you:

  • Introduction to Word 2010 including its major advantages and most advanced features
  • Basics of typing using the Word 2010 application
  • Editing texts when writing or creating documents and files using Word
  • Searching for the right words and replacing some texts when creating documents
  • Using the features of Word 2010 in ensuring that you produce documents with less or zero typos and spelling errors
  • Publishing your Word 2010 documents
  • Basics of formatting all the elements of your Word 2010 documents and files including characters, paragraphs, tabs and pages
  • Different Word formatting options and styles
  • Taking advantage of themes and template formatting
  • Improving the appeal of a somewhat dull Word 2010 document by adding tables, lines and colors, lists, columns and graphics
  • How to produce multiple documents
  • Understanding the different file formats that you can use
  • Effectively customizing your Word 2010 application
  • Dos and don’ts when using Word 2010

Beneficiaries of the Word 2010 Certification Program

The Word 2010 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures can help all individuals, whether students or professionals, in their attempt to produce the most impressive and professional-looking documents. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to understand the basic Word 2010 operations in order for them to have an easier time performing all their daily responsibilities. It is also perfect for you if you want to know more about all the Word 2010 features and techniques and how you can use all these in protecting all your documents and become even more productive.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Word 2010 Certification Course

Being a Word 2010 certification holder allows you to become more proficient in using this effective Word processing application. This will allow you to become more effective in doing whatever position that you are holding. As soon as you complete your Word 2010 certification course, you can start using your Word 2010 expertise to work in various positions and departments including the following:

  • Administrative Positions
  • Clerical/Secretarial Positions
  • Managerial Positions
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Office Support
  • Business Correspondence

Expected Salary for Word 2010 Certification Holders

Being a Word 2010 certification holder also allows you to get positions in a business organization wherein you are allowed to obtain a higher level of income. If you get administrative positions, then you can expect to earn an average annual salary of $75,000. If you become a Word specialist after completing your Word 2010 certification, then you can expect to start receiving around $86,000. This can grow up to more than a hundred dollars as you gain more experience in the field and become more effective in your chosen career.


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