Boxing Fitness Certification

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Boxing Fitness Certification

Boxing Fitness Certification



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Boxing Fitness Certification

Introduction to Boxing Fitness

Boxing fitness training is a huge help especially if you are one of those who have longed to get the fittest body. Boxing is an extremely rigorous sport and it requires proper conditioning of body and mind so training for it increases your chances of improving your physical health. Boxing allows you to get an aerobically fitter and physically stronger body. Properly training your body for the sport is also a huge help not only in improving your physical fitness and health but also in boosting your confidence. Note, however, that the fitness training for boxing requires you to follow demanding and complete full body workouts. This is important in improving your muscle tones, your reflexes and the strength of your upper body and in reducing excess fats.

The kind of boxing fitness training that you need will be fully dependent on the level of your expertise. If you are still a beginner, then you will only be required to follow minimal fitness training routines including the basic procedures involved in hitting the heavy bag, double end bag and speed bag, shadowboxing, calisthenics, daily jogging, sparring and skipping rope. One of the major advantages of boxing for fitness workouts is its ability to let you shed off around 350 to 500 calories within just one hour while also maintaining the stability of your heartbeat. Regular boxing workouts also work in improving your resistance, strength, speed, flexibility of your muscles, joint movements and in properly balancing and coordinating all parts of your body in order to achieve the best physique.

Brainmeasures Boxing Fitness Certification Program

If you want to take a hold of a boxing fitness certificate, then be aware that Brainmeasures is the leading online certification and skill testing company at present and its boxing fitness certification program is just one of its many reliable offers. With the help of the boxing fitness course offered by Brainmeasures, you will become more familiar about the basics of performing boxing workouts including the different procedures involved in training each part of your body through it. The comprehensiveness of the boxing fitness training that you can receive from the certification course makes it easier for you to completely understand how the sport is carried out and the many rigorous boxing workout routines that you can perform every day in order to significantly boost the level of your fitness. The boxing fitness certification course offered by Brainmeasures can also mold you into the best offline and online personal trainer. As soon as you pass the fitness boxing exam which comes along with the program and finally receive your certificate, you can start entering the fitness industry and compete with other renowned boxing fitness training professionals.

Highlights of the Boxing Fitness Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The proven comprehensiveness of the boxing fitness certification program as well as its detailed, updated and accurate nature make it possible for you to become one of the most reliable experts in the field as soon as you complete the certification course. Some of the major highlights of this highly commendable boxing fitness certification course from Brainmeasures are the following:

  • More detailed information about boxing to achieve fitness and its benefits to beginners, amateurs and professionals in this type of workout
  • Boxing for fitness training with a bag-work
  • Training each part of your body with the help of focus pad training
  • Essential boxing drills that you need to carry out
  • Skipping and running and its benefits when it comes to getting the highest level of physical fitness
  • Effective weight training techniques
  • Basic calisthenics procedures and their ability to help condition your body
  • How to effectively carry out core and circuit training
  • Techniques that will allow you to effectively train with a partner
  • Understanding the major components of a solo boxing workout
  • Importance of stretching and flexibility in boxing fitness training
  • Carrying out more advanced boxing fitness workout routines

Beneficiaries of the Boxing Fitness Certification Program

The boxing fitness certification program which is now part of the many offered certification programs by Brainmeasures can definitely help different kinds of individuals in their attempt to achieve better health and a more improved physique through boxing. It is perfect for aspiring boxing fitness trainers who wish to help anyone get their desired weight and physique by regularly performing boxing workouts and for any individual who wishes to try boxing fitness training as a means of replacing his or her somewhat boring workout routines.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Boxing Fitness Certification Course

Completing a boxing fitness certification course allows you to effectively handle a wide array of positions in the boxing fitness industry. This means that it will never be impossible for you to get vital positions in the fitness industry as soon as you receive your boxing fitness certification and some of your best options are the following:

  • Boxing Club General Manager
  • Group Fitness Boxing Instructor
  • Boxing Fitness Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Boxing/Sports Coach

Expected Salary for Boxing Fitness Certification Holders

Being a boxing fitness certification holder also allows you to hold positions with profitable pay. If you work as a boxing fitness trainer, then you can expect this job to help you earn around $47,000 to $82,000 annually. This salary will be fully dependent upon your skill set, the level of your experience in the boxing fitness training industry, the person or group that you are coaching or training, your employer and your location. If you set up your own boxing fitness club after completing your boxing fitness certification course, then rest assured that this will allow you to generate more income.


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