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Volleyball Certification

Volleyball Certification



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Volleyball Certification

Introduction to Volleyball

Volleyball refers to a team sport wherein two opposing teams composed of six players are separated with the help of a net. The scoring system requires the players of each team to score points by grounding the ball on the court of the opposing team while following the organized rules for the sport. Although volleyball comes with extensive rules, you have to bear in mind that the entire sport is simple. One of the players of any team starts the game by rallying or serving the ball and tossing and hitting it using one arm or hand from the back portion of the court’s boundary line over the net into the court of the receiving team. The team which is responsible in receiving the ball should not allow it to touch the ground.

Volleyball is also considered as a game which combines athleticism and leaping ability with technique and power. These are extremely vital to improving your skills in the game along with your willingness to become part of a volleyball team and sacrifice your body. In order for you to effectively play volleyball, you need to familiarize yourself and practice the strategies and techniques needed for the sport. You need to start mastering the techniques involved in serving, passing, setting and attacking.

Brainmeasures Volleyball Certification Program

Mastering volleyball is now greatly possible with the volleyball certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures. The volleyball course offered by Brainmeasures allows you to embrace everything that you need to learn about the sport including its history and most vital concepts. This online certification course gives you the opportunity to receive a well-detailed volleyball training so fully understanding the rules and mechanics of the game as well as all the techniques that you can use once the game starts is greatly possible. The volleyball certification program also walks you through the field of volleyball coaching so your desire to become a certified volleyball coach can be easily reached. As soon as you complete the certification course, Brainmeasures will reward you with your volleyball certificate which serves as a clear indication of your skills and expertise in this type of sport.

Highlights of the Volleyball Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Volleyball is a sport which comes with extensive rules and you get the chance to understand all these by enrolling in the volleyball certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures. With the help of the volleyball certification course from Brainmeasures, you can master the following vital topics about the sport:

  • Introduction to volleyball coaching
  • Coaching or teaching children and the youth about the basics of volleyball
  • Building a stronger volleyball foundation to increase your chances of enjoying a successful season
  • Understanding the basic rules of the volleyball game
  • Establishing better relationship with the parents of your players
  • Effective tips in building a volleyball team
  • Supervising each member of your team
  • Performing practices which is filled with fun
  • Offensive fundamentals of volleyball
  • Building effective defensive fundamentals
  • Improving your volleyball coaching techniques
  • Bringing your volleyball drills to an even higher level
  • Improving the offensive and defensive techniques of your volleyball team
  • Tightening your team’s defense
  • Improving the health of your players to keep their entire body in shape and prevent any forms of injury
  • Dealing with the most usual challenges faced by volleyball coaches
  • Effective ways to coach a club team
  • Ways to create a more memorable volleyball season
  • Helping your players improve their skills in the field of volleyball
  • Understanding the most advanced volleyball techniques
  • Allowing your volleyball team to bring their game to the most advanced level

Beneficiaries of the Volleyball Certification Program

The volleyball certification course which is now available at Brainmeasures benefits anyone who aspires to become an effective and successful volleyball player. It is more beneficial for you especially if you are planning to master the sport and become a certified volleyball coach. The certification course makes it easier for you to handle all the challenges linked to coaching a volleyball team so you can expect to thrive in the industry after completing the certification course.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Volleyball Certification Course

Gaining a complete understanding about volleyball by enrolling in a volleyball certification course gives you the opportunity to access a wide range of jobs in the industry. The volleyball certification course opens up the following employment opportunities for you:

  • Head Volleyball Coach
  • Assistant Volleyball Coach
  • Volleyball Coordinator
  • Volleyball League Administrator
  • Volleyball Club Technical Director
  • Volleyball Communications Manager

Expected Salary for Volleyball Certification Holders

Volleyball players and coaches who have successfully completed their volleyball certification course can take part in the game in both amateur and professional level and enjoy a more stable salary along the process. Your volleyball certification allows you to become a professional volleyball player and earn around $69,000 annually. Working as a volleyball coach is also proven to be extremely profitable considering the fact that it allows you to earn within the range of $42,000 and $109,000 per year.


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