Trading Futures Certification

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Trading Futures Certification

Trading Futures Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Trading Futures Certification

What is Trading Futures?

Trading futures refer to the act of trading in the futures market. It allows you to trade futures contracts which give the holder the power and the ability to purchase products with predetermined prices after a specified period of time. Futures contracts are primarily created as a means of hedging any price uncertainty during the product delivery period. Trading futures contracts actually started on the 17th and 18th century in Holland and Japan for agricultural products such as wheat and rice. It was in 1840, however, that the first organized trading of futures took place in Chicago. The very first centralized trading of futures contract took place in 1848 after the first futures market was established in Chicago. This is called the Board of Trade of the City of Chicago. This market permits both futures contract and spot trading.

The futures contracts that are used in trading in the futures market requires you to either buy or sell a specific quantity of the basic products within a specified date and a specific price. The underlying or basic products that you can either buy or sell include stock index, commodity, currency and security. Since the listed futures contract terms are primarily structured by the exchange, you are given the choice to offset your contract and escape from your obligation by either buying or selling opposing contracts prior to the date of settlement. Trading futures contracts offer investors referred to as hedgers a protection against price volatility within the open market.

Brainmeasures Trading Futures Certification Program

If you want to become an effective certified trader in the futures market, then be aware that the trading futures certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures can help you out. This trading futures course from Brainmeasures is a huge help in your attempt to familiarize yourself about all the major elements of the futures market. The certification course allows you to take part in a highly commendable trading futures training which covers all the aspects related to the process of trading futures contracts. It gives you a clearer and more solid understanding about how the futures contract and market work which is a major help in determining how much research, time and attention that you need to dedicate into your investment and in calculating the risks involved when trading futures. But before Brainmeasures will furnish you your hard copy certificate in the field of trading futures, you first need to take and pass the online trading exam which forms a vital part of the program.

Highlights of the Trading Futures Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The trading futures certification program which you can now easily access at Brainmeasures explains in full detail everything that you want to learn about the futures market and trading futures contract. The trading futures certification program from Brainmeasures allows you to acquire a more complete understanding about the following topics and subject areas related to trading futures:

  • A more comprehensive background about the financial markets
  • Learning everything about trading futures contracts
  • Sources of money for the futures market
  • Understanding the most basic concepts linked to your trading futures options
  • Effectively analyzing the futures market
  • Fundamental concepts and principles behind the economy
  • Understanding the technical strategies involved in trading futures
  • A more comprehensive overview of the most advanced technical analysis methods
  • Making close to accurate speculations of foreign currencies
  • Essential information about energy futures
  • Clearly comprehending the agricultural markets
  • Establishing a more effective trading futures plan
  • Finding the best strategies that you can use when trading in the futures market
  • Procedures involved in the execution of successful trades
  • How to become a profitable and successful futures trader?
  • Rules to follow when trading in the futures market

Beneficiaries of the Trading Futures Certification Program

All aspiring traders who want to become successful in the field of trading can enroll in the trading futures certification program offered by Brainmeasures. The certification program is most suitable for new traders, professional and experienced traders, proprietary traders, swing traders, day traders, options traders and any other traders who want to become more successful when trading in the futures market or trade in a newer asset class.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Trading Futures Certification Course

The futures market is considered to be one of the most profitable markets for trading at present so completing a trading futures certification course is a major help in significantly increasing the number of jobs that you can easily access. As soon as you complete your trading futures certification course, the following jobs will become easily accessible for you:

  • Futures Trading Analytics Engineer
  • Certified Futures Trader
  • Futures Trading Support Analyst
  • Senior Commodity Trader
  • Futures Trading Compliance Analyst
  • Commodity Futures Broker

Expected Salary for Trading Futures Certification Holders

Completing your trading futures certification course and starting to work in the futures trading industry is a huge help when it comes to making significant changes in the level of your salary. You can use your trading futures certification to work as a certified futures trader which allows you to earn around $41,000 to $165,000 annually. You get the chance to earn even more if you are aware of the most effective strategies involved in futures trading. You can also work as a futures broker which will allow you to earn within the range of $68,000 to $254,000 per year.


Trading Futures Certification

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