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Java Swing Certification

Java Swing Certification



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Java Swing Certification

What is Java Swing?

Java Swing refers to the primary widget toolkit of the graphical user interface (GUI) for Java. It forms a huge part of the Java foundation classes (JFC) which has become popular for being an effective API capable of providing GUI to all Java programs. The development of Swing was primarily done to offer a more sophisticated collection of GUI components in comparison to the previously introduced Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). It is capable of providing a more native feel and look which is effective in emulating the feel and look of various platforms while also supporting a pluggable feel and look, allowing numerous applications to feel and look unrelated to the fundamental platform. What makes Java Swing so popular is that it is proven to contain more flexible and powerful features, elements and components.

Aside from the common elements and components including labels, check box and buttons, Swing is also offering numerous advanced components including scroll panes, lists, tables, trees and tabbed panel. All the major components of Swing can be implemented without using platform specific codes. In fact, all these components are entirely written for Java and received extreme popularity for being platform-independent. If you plan to use Java Swing, then you should take note that all the classes representing GUI components come with names starting with J such as JSlider, JLabel and JButton. At present, Swing has over 75 interfaces and 250 new classes, making it more functional and useful to users.

Brainmeasures Java Swing Certification Program

If you plan on learning everything about Java Swing, then be aware that Brainmeasures which has already proved its mettle in the field of providing the best online certification courses and employment testing solutions is now offering a Java Swing certification program designed for aspiring experts in this field. Brainmeasures Java Swing course covers all the topics that you want to learn about Java Swing so it will never be impossible for you to gain a more complete understanding about the subject. It allows you to receive a detailed and effective Java Swing training and tutorial which is a huge help when it comes to learning the basics of developing non-trivial applications with the help of Java Swing. Enrolling in this certification course makes it easier for you to understand the over 75 interfaces and more than 250 classes of Java Swing, their individual functions and how you can take full advantage of them. Completing your Java Swing certification course from Brainmeasures gives you the opportunity to receive your hard copy certificate which shows how skillful and knowledgeable you are in the field.

Highlights of the Java Swing Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The comprehensiveness of the Java Swing certification program offered by Brainmeasures is one of the major reasons why this program continues to capture the attention of the majority. If you plan on taking up this Java Swing certification program, then you should know that the following are among its major highlights:

  • Introduction to Java Swing, its major functions and advantages
  • Understanding all the best features, classes and packages of Swing
  • Basics of model-view-controller architecture
  • Starting to work with the help of Swing
  • Essential procedures involved in creating a Java Swing application
  • Understanding the major components and classes of Java Swing including the JSlider class, JScrollBar class and the JProgressBar class
  • Effectively managing and building desktops
  • A clearer background on using the layout managers and specialty panes of Java Swing
  • Introduction to borders such as swing borders and CompoundBorder class
  • Procedures involved in creating your own menus, toolbars and borders
  • Creating tables including those that have row headers and the larger ones with paging
  • How to chart data using the TableModel?
  • Major components of the Swing text
  • Understanding the accessibility package and any other accessible objects
  • Clearer background of the 6 major types of accessibility and how you can take advantage of them when producing Swing applications

Beneficiaries of the Java Swing Certification Program

Taking part in the Java Swing certification program offered by Brainmeasures is proven to be really beneficial considering the fact that it is highly comprehensive. It is most suitable for individuals, organizations and programmers who are planning to continuously develop and design object-oriented, robust and fully functional applications and applets using the Java technology with an aim of greatly satisfying their clients.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Java Swing Certification Course

Successfully completing your Java Swing certification course is a major help especially if you plan on enjoying a more flourishing career. The following are just few of the many jobs that will become available for you as soon as you receive your Java Swing certification:

  • Java Swing Developer
  • Java Software Engineer
  • Java Swing Technical Lead
  • Java Swing Management Engineer
  • Senior Java Swing Application Tester

Expected Salary for Java Swing Certification Holders

Your Java Swing certification is also your ticket towards significantly increasing the amount of salary that you regularly receive. As a Java Swing certification holder, expect to be able to work as a Java software engineer which is extremely useful when trying to earn a more stable pay of around $76,000 to $95,000 annually. You can also use your certificate to start working as a certified Java Swing developer and earn around $98,000 to $125,000 per year through this profession.


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