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Options Certification

Options Certification



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Options Certification

Introduction to Options Trading

Options refer to derivative financial instruments that specify contracts between two parties as a means of carrying out future transactions on assets at reference prices or strike. Buyer of options acquires the right to get himself involved in that type of transaction while the seller has the obligation to fulfill such transaction. The actual option price is determined by getting the difference between an underlying asset’s value which usually includes currency, stock, futures contract or bond and the reference price plus premium which is fully dependent on the remaining time until the option expires. Options come in various types and they are created for different types of valuable assets. If you want to become an effective options trader, then you have to become familiar about the most essential concepts that are linked to the process including the following:

  • Call. This refers to that specific type of option conveying the right to make a purchase at a specified price.
  • Put. This is a type of option wherein the right to sell at a specified price is conveyed
  • Strike / Exercise Price. This refers to the reference price which you can use in trading underlying assets.
  • Exercising It. This can be defined as the specific process of activating options as a means of trading underlying assets at the specific prices that all parties of the trading process agree.

Brainmeasures Options Certification Program

If you are one of those who dream of becoming successful in options trading, then you should consider enrolling in the options certification course offered by Brainmeasures so you can further improve your skills and knowledge in this specific field. Brainmeasures options course is created in such a way that you will be able to fully understand the most essential concepts linked to options trading, terms that best define what is options trading, the steps and procedures that you can use when it comes to carrying out the options trading process and the different types of options. This online certification course offers an options training which makes it a point to explain in full detail everything which is associated to effectively trade options. Through the options certification course offered by Brainmeasures, you will become more familiar about the different option styles as well as the different valuation models that you can use to effectively carry out the options trading process. By receiving your options certificate, you will have an easier time reaching your aim of becoming one of the most successful and profitable options traders in the industry.

Highlights of the Options Certification Program from Brainmeasures

As mentioned above, the options certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures offers a wide coverage so you have a hundred percent assurance that you will never regret enrolling in it. By enrolling in the Brainmeasures options certification program, you can expect to become a master of the following topics:

  • Introduction to making investments through options trading
  • Options definitions
  • Basics of options trading for stocks
  • Understanding both the risks and rewards associated to options trading
  • Effectively evaluating the sectors and markets where you can trade options
  • How to effectively target options trading sectors with the help of technical analysis?
  • Mapping out the best options trading plan
  • Boosting the level of your knowledge about the different option trading styles
  • Effectively protecting your assets through options
  • Reducing risk when trading options
  • Effectively combining different types of options as a means of limiting your position risks
  • How to take advantage of exchange traded funds
  • Understanding the most advanced strategies that you can use in options trading
  • Obtaining profits through options trading
  • Mistakes that you need to avoid when trading options

Beneficiaries of the Options Certification Program

Everything that you want to learn about options and options trading forms part of the options certification program offered by Brainmeasures so it is no longer surprising if it continues to benefit a wide array of individuals and professionals. It is more beneficial for beginners in trading, new and experienced stock traders and stock brokers and dealers who wish to gather relevant information about the most effective options trading strategies and explore the options trading industry.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Options Certification Course

Options certification holders can also expect to enjoy a booming career. After successfully completing your options certification course, you can expect to become more effective in the following jobs:

  • Options Trading Strategy Analyst
  • Equity Options Trader
  • Options Trade Sales Representative
  • Equities and Options Senior Operations Specialist
  • Options Trading Software Engineer
  • Options Trading Broker

Expected Salary for Options Certification Holders

You can also expect to enjoy a higher salary after you become an options certification holder. You can actually use your options certification to become an options trading broker which gives you the chance to enjoy an average annual salary of $73,000. You may also work as an options trading strategy analyst which allows you to earn within the range of $77,000 to $86,000 annually. If you become an equity options trader, then you can expect to receive as much as $192,000 per year especially if you are already aware of the ins and outs of options trading.


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