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Mastering Lean Accounting Certification

Mastering Lean Accounting Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 275 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take the test after 10 days Of purchase.

Mastering Lean Accounting Certification

Lean principles focus on eliminating waste and producing only to meet customer’s demand. More and more enterprises are resorting to lean manufacturing and service delivery, and it is not possible for these companies to sustain in this lean manufacturing and lean thinking without transforming to learn to account as well.

"This course presents a collection of insights from some of the experienced lean accounting and performance measurement practitioners in the United States of America on the primary methods of lean accounting and its importance to companies opting lean manufacturing and service delivery."

It helps you understand the principles of lean accounting and how to implement them in your enterprises or organizations. You will be able to understand that lean principle are not learned from classrooms alone but are something that you need to practice within the group.

Structure of the Course

A course split into 11 structured chapters. Chapter 1 analyses the current business climate and discusses the reason for failures of lean principles. It goes into the details of the causes of such failures. It looks at the practices that do not work well.

Chapter 2 looks at the difference between the traditional method of economy-of-scale production and lean limited production method regarding efficiency, waste, and adaptability. It also seems at the fundamental lean principles and the terms and conditions the employees should follow to function in a lean environment. It takes a look at how lean environment let the organization optimize adaptability of the organization according to the changes in the business and customer preferences and how it can facilitate continuous improvement.

Chapter 3 examines the principles of the lean system in leadership and strategic perspectives. It gives an overview of how a traditional business transformed into a lean system. It also gives you an idea of the key leaders in the organization who should know the lean system well enough to change the organization. It also describes the tasks the top leaders like CFO and CEO must take up to achieve this transformation.

Chapter 4 examines in detail lean performance measurement and how it is usually uniform across different enterprises as the lean performance matrices based on sustainable adaptations and wellbeing. Process Measure is one such performance measurement factor.

Chapter 5 concentrates on the performance measurement factor called employee motivation and how it can be used to benefit a lean environment.

Chapter 6 focuses on lean accounting and performance measurement in a lean environment from a customer’s perspective. It also looks at customer segmentation strategies for the market by explaining how customers are grouped based on a standard set of preferences for specific product value propositions through actual practices.

Chapter 7 addresses the problem of standard costing methods on the enterprises to transform to a lean system. It also introduces value stream costing which is a lean solution required to change a traditional enterprise relying on conventional methods to a lean system.

Chapter 8 details the obstacles faced by the traditional enterprises for becoming a lean accounting system emphasizing on the five primary challenges. It discusses how these obstacles can be overcome by the managers to achieve the desired result.

Chapter 9 discusses on how to apply lean principles on the lean accounting to achieve the desired result.

Chapter 10 addresses lean perspective on Sarbanes – Oxley compliance and how an enterprise can transform itself to meet this agreement through lean principles.

Chapter 11 concludes the course by giving out practical ways for the accountants to transform a traditional system to a lean operation.

Beneficiaries of the course:

"Any top leaders or accountants in a business can benefit from this course who wants to make their traditional system to a lean environment." A course designed for professionals such as accountants, controllers, senior managers, operations managers and lean specialists.

Benefits of the course:

There are many benefits of lean accounting system such as an increase in sales due to the better judgment in decision making, improve the financial status of an enterprise by reducing the wastage and thus lowering costs.

Primarily by transforming a traditional system to a lean operation will save lots of money for an enterprise.

There are many obstacles for making such transformations, and this is the best course to get introduced to the lean system, the various performance measurement factors involved in it, the obstacles faced by any system desiring to transform and how to overcome these obstacles.

This course outlined in specific chapters through actual examples to make anyone understand the concept better.

Job Prospects

When an organization follows the lean way of manufacturing or service delivery, it changes many aspects of the organization including management, financial control, and tracking. There are significant changes needed in how financial processes to manage lean accounting. Unless you are familiar with such changes, it is not possible to transform your system completely to lean environment, so any person completing this course have the job prospects in any company planning to change its method from the traditional way of operating.

Those who have completed this course can apply to any company following lean manufacturing or service delivery. In this current market where more and more companies are moving towards a lean system, and there are not many professionals with lean accounting certification, doing this accreditation improves your job prospects.

For any company planning to transform from a traditional system to lean system, it is highly recommended to have the managers, accountants, and controllers to complete this course to implement this system to achieve maximum benefit. If your organization is going through the changes having completed this course will boost your chances for a promotion compared to those who do not have any such qualification. Even if you are not working in a financial department but in a manager role, it will be highly beneficial for you to do the course as it is essential for the leaders of the organization to have a better understanding of the lean system before the transformation happens. Again those who have completed this course will be having better chances of promotion.

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Mastering Lean Accounting Certification

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