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Microsoft CRM Certification

Microsoft CRM Certification



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Microsoft CRM Certification

What is Microsoft CRM?

Microsoft CRM refers to a package containing customer relationship management software which was primarily developed by Microsoft. It mainly focuses on marketing, service and sales sectors. It is also known as a proprietary framework which can be easily customized to meet the different demands of various users. Other experts also define Microsoft CRM as a series of tools that work in developing scripts designed for customer service people. The tools are extremely useful in targeting upselling and maximizing the needs of customers to further increase revenue. The tools are also useful when it comes to tracking customers and salespeople. What makes Microsoft CRM beneficial is the fact that you can use it in lead and opportunity management, sales quota and territory management, accessing offline and mobile devices, contact and account management, sales and forecasting analytics and in easily accessing pricing, quotes and products. It should also be noted that Microsoft CRM comes with numerous features that are guaranteed to enhance your experience when it comes to using it. Among its most remarkable features are the following:

  • Newer business intelligence functionality
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • More advanced features for personalization
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint integration
  • Forms and views that are primarily based on roles
  • More improved capabilities for configuration
  • Customization and sharing features
  • More interactive features for process dialogs
  • Features that work in developing and deploying Cloud

Brainmeasures Microsoft CRM Certification Program

If you dream of becoming a certified professional and expert in the Microsoft CRM field, then be aware that enrolling in the Microsoft CRM certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures can be a huge help for you. With the help of this online certification company, you will be able to take up a Microsoft CRM course which is guaranteed to work when it comes to explaining to you all the details about this software package. This certification course increases your chances of accessing a more comprehensive Microsoft CRM training which is proven to be really effective in increasing your knowledge about all the features of the Microsoft CRM, all the tools that you can use in targeting upselling and the major advantages that you can get from it. As soon as Brainmeasures furnishes you with your Microsoft CRM certificate, you can start providing your skills and expertise in the field to those who are greatly in need of your services.

Highlights of the Microsoft CRM Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The Microsoft CRM certification program offered by Brainmeasures is one of the most comprehensive online certification courses so it is no longer surprising if you notice that it covers all the topics that are linked to Microsoft CRM. Here are some of the major highlights of this Microsoft CRM certification course:

  • Basics of using Microsoft CRM
  • How to effectively navigate the Microsoft CRM system?
  • Basic steps and procedures that you need to follow when personalizing your Microsoft CRM system
  • Effective management of sales through Microsoft CRM
  • Using Microsoft CRM in managing sales accounts and contacts
  • Managing sales and marketing activities with the help of Microsoft CRM
  • Using Microsoft CRM along with your notes, attachments and email
  • How to manage territories when using Microsoft CRM?
  • Taking advantage of the product catalog
  • Steps and procedures used in acquiring orders, invoices and quotes
  • Forecasting sales and tips in reaching your sales quotas
  • Effective management of queues and dealing with sales contracts
  • Effective management of the workplace including business units
  • How to successfully implement a sales process?
  • Rules and workflow associated to running a business
  • Essential features of Microsoft CRM and how you can generate benefits from using each of them

Beneficiaries of the Microsoft CRM Certification Program

Everyone who wishes to gather information about Microsoft CRM should consider taking part in the Microsoft CRM certification program offered by Brainmeasures. You can expect this certification course to work perfectly for you if you are a Microsoft CRM consultant, customizer, system administrator and any other professional who is responsible in implementing Microsoft CRM, configuring the organizational setting of the software and customizing it with the help of its installed customization tools.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Microsoft CRM Certification Course

The skills and expertise of Microsoft CRM professionals are in great demand at present so you will never regret completing a Microsoft CRM certification course. As a Microsoft CRM certification holder, you can expect the following positions to become available for you:

  • Microsoft CRM Administrator
  • Microsoft CRM Developer
  • Microsoft CRM Consultant
  • Microsoft CRM Account Manager
  • Microsoft CRM Solution Architect
  • Microsoft CRM Business Analyst

Expected Salary for Microsoft CRM Certification Holders

After receiving your Microsoft CRM certification, you can start to enjoy a more rewarding career considering the fact that most of the jobs in this field offer a higher level of salary. If you use your Microsoft CRM certification to work as a Microsoft CRM consultant, then you can expect to enjoy an annual salary of $58,000 to $63,000. You can also get the position of a Microsoft CRM developer which allows you to receive an average annual salary of $92,000. If you work as a Microsoft CRM administrator, then this profession gives you the opportunity to earn within the range of $70,000 to $102,000 annually.


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