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UML 2 Certification

UML 2 Certification



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UML 2 Certification

What is UML 2?

UML 2 is one of the most popular versions of UML which stands for Unified Modeling Language referred to as a standardized and a general purpose modeling language in the object-oriented software engineering field. This specific version of UML can be defined as a kind of implementation for UML which is based on EMF and is primarily designed for the Eclipse platform. The major components of the UML 2 version aim to offer a more usable UML metamodel implementation which is capable of supporting modeling tools development, test cases with an aim of validating specifications, make its users become more familiar about XMI schema and its ability to facilitate semantic models interchange and take advantage of validation rules to define and enforce higher compliance levels. It should be noted that UML 2 uses a few diagrams that make it even more effective to users. Among these diagrams are the following:

  • Activity diagram which is effective in depicting high level processes of a business such as data flow and more complicated logic within a system
  • Class diagram which works in showing static model elements collection including their types, classes, relationships and contents
  • Communication diagram which is effective in showing in detail the instances of various classes, message flows and their interrelationships
  • Component diagram which is capable of depicting the major components that form part of a system, business enterprise or application
  • Deployment diagram which is capable of clearly illustrating how system architecture is executed

Brainmeasures UML 2 Certification Program

The UML 2 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures makes it possible for you to understand everything about this specific version of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The UML 2 course offered by Brainmeasures is highly beneficial considering the fact that it covers all the major aspects of this specific UML version. With the help of this certification course, you will get a kind of UML training which is guaranteed to work when it comes to explaining to you in full detail all the major components of the UML 2 version, its features, major objectives and the different diagrams that you can use to make it even more beneficial. You can also expect the UML 2 certification course offered by Brainmeasures to offer you a more comprehensive background not only about the UML 2 version but the entire Unified Modeling Language concept. As long as you receive your UML 2 certificate from Brainmeasures, you will become more confident because you are aware that as a certified professional in this field, your skills and expertise are already highly competitive.

Highlights of the UML 2 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The UML 2 certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures is one of the most comprehensive online certification courses offered by the company so you have a hundred percent guarantee that it works in transforming you into one of the most renowned UML 2 experts. Among the many things that you will surely learn from the Brainmeasures UML 2 certification course are the following:

  • A more comprehensive overview of the Unified Modeling
  • Language (UML)
  • Best practices used in UML
  • Understanding everything about object modeling
  • Major objects and classes that you can use in UML
  • How to relate objects and make them work together?
  • How to reuse super classes through generalization and inheritance?
  • How to organize class diagrams and packages linked to UML?
  • Introduction to use case diagrams
  • Defining the major components of a use case
  • Understanding how functional modeling works
  • Using sequence diagrams to capture scenarios
  • Taking advantage of activity diagrams when it comes to specifying workflows
  • How to capture behavioral patterns and the collaboration of objects?
  • Hosting events to interrupt states
  • Preventing any state of confusion
  • How to deploy the major components of a system
  • Common modeling mistakes that you should avoid committing
  • Useful UML websites and modeling tools
  • Effective diagrams that you can use for quick development and modeling

Beneficiaries of the UML 2 Certification Program

The UML 2 certification program offered by Brainmeasures can now benefit numerous individuals and professionals considering the huge increase in the number of users of the said version of the Unified Modeling Language. You can expect this certification course to be more suitable for software developers who are greatly involved in the process of software development, analysts who want to make sure that they are capable of representing public domains in a more unified manner and architects who want to improve their skills in representing their structural ideas in a more unified way.

Job Opportunities after Completing a UML 2 Certification Course

Completing a UML 2 certification course is extremely beneficial for you especially when it comes to increasing the number of your career opportunities. Earning a UML 2 certification makes you suitable for the following jobs:

  • UML Software Engineer
  • UML Business Analyst
  • UML Data Modeler
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • UML Modeling Consultant

Expected Salary for UML 2 Certification Holders

You can also expect the actual completion of a UML 2 certification course to work in increasing the amount of salary that you regularly receive. Your UML 2 certification is actually useful in getting the position of a UML data modeler which gives you an opportunity to receive around $52,000 to $101,000 annually. You may also work as a UML business analyst which allows you to receive an average annual salary of $113,000.


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