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Fundraising Certification

Fundraising Certification



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Fundraising Certification

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising refers to the process of gathering or soliciting voluntary contributions in the form of money or any other resources by humbly asking donations from governmental agencies, businesses, charitable foundations and individuals. This process is primarily used by non-profit organizations that aim to gather money as a means of supporting their operations. Note, however, that the functions of the fundraising process is not only limited for non-profit organizations. It is also used by for-profit enterprises and organizations in their attempt to identify and solicit from investors to get additional sources of capital. In the most traditional way, the process of fundraising is actually characterized by knocking at people’s doors or staying in the streets to ask for donations. This is usually called as face-to-face fundraising. Today, however, numerous forms of fundraising can already be carried out due to the advent of technology. There are even those that can be conducted online.

Effective fundraising is extremely useful for non-profit organizations because they need money to support their operations including those that involve their philanthropic or religious groups like public broadcasters, environmental issues, political campaigns and research organizations. Charitable organizations such as those that involve student scholarship, humanitarian concerns, academic or athletic achievement, human rights, disaster relief and research can also be benefited by effective fundraising programs. Other organizations and individuals who can gain benefits from fundraising activities are religious organizations, public broadcasting organizations and those who are planning to carry out political campaigns.

Brainmeasures Fundraising Certification Program

The fundraising certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is a huge help for you especially if you have longed to master the basics of developing effective fundraising programs. You can expect the fundraising course offered by this highly reputable online certification company to help you in gathering relevant information about fundraising. It allows you to undergo a highly comprehensive fundraising training which is guaranteed to work in your attempt to master the major components of a fundraising program and the most effective techniques that you can use when it comes to developing effective fundraising programs and activities. This certification course is also a major help in your attempt to improve your skills and proficiency in those areas that are extremely essential in fundraising including those that are related to strategic planning, annual giving, planned and estate giving, major and leadership gifts, capital campaigns, volunteer leadership management, online and prospect research and corporations and foundations. Receiving your certificate in this field allows you to become a certified professional which is guaranteed to work in showing the entire industry that you have top-notch skills and a strong foundation in the field of fundraising.

Highlights of the Fundraising Certification Program from Brainmeasures

All the information that you need to learn to become an expert in the field of fundraising forms a huge part of the fundraising certification program offered by Brainmeasures so enrolling in this certification course is something that you will never regret. You can expect this fundraising certification course to assist you in mastering the following topics that are related to the field:

  • Effectively identifying the fruits of carrying out fundraising programs and activities
  • Understanding the major issues and ethics that usually compose a fundraising program
  • Reasons why you need to perform fundraising activities
  • Filling your fundraising team with volunteers and board members
  • Establishing an effective fundraising plan
  • Effective tips in finding the most generous donors
  • Personally meeting and dealing with your donors
  • Cultivating a stronger relationship with your major givers
  • How to humbly ask for major gifts?
  • Gathering the most essential materials to fill your fundraising toolkit
  • Printing essential documents and materials to determine the profitability of your fundraising campaigns
  • Effective tips in writing the most impressive grant proposals
  • Taking advantage of media to project a good image for your fundraising team
  • Using the internet to boost the profitability of your fundraising campaigns

Beneficiaries of the Fundraising Certification Program

The fundraising certification program which is now easily accessible at Brainmeasures is extremely useful in your attempt to master the techniques and strategies involved in mapping out a fundraising plan. You can expect it to be suitable for you if you are a fundraising professional who wishes to understand all the techniques and principles in the field, a board member who is greatly interested about learning how fundraising works, a volunteer who wishes to strengthen your foundation about fundraising to support the organization where you are in or a new professional who wishes to get a more intelligent and comprehensive base to enhance your fundraising career.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Fundraising Certification Course

Successfully completing a fundraising certification course is also a major help in opening up more doors of career opportunities for you. Among the jobs that can work perfectly for you as soon as you already hold your fundraising certification are the following:

  • Fundraising and Marketing Director
  • Senior Major Gifts Manager
  • Fundraising Event Coordinator
  • Community Fundraising Manager
  • Major Donor Executive
  • Fundraising and Development Assistant

Expected Salary for Fundraising Certification Holders

Enrolling in a fundraising certification course and successfully completing it is also a major help when it comes to improving your profitability. Your fundraising certification can be your ticket towards working as a fundraising event coordinator which usually offers around $41,000 to $58,000 annually. Deciding to work as a fundraising manager is also profitable since it allows you to receive an annual salary of approximately $54,000 to $80,000. Working as a fundraising and marketing director is also very rewarding considering the ability of this profession to let you receive around $66,000 to $125,000 annually.


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