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Blue Print Reading Certification

Blue Print Reading Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Blue Print Reading Certification

What is Blue Print Reading?

Blue print refers to a kind of reproduction based on paper which usually comes in the form of a technical drawing, engineering design and architecture documentation. Different materials are now used in the creation of a blueprint including paper, linen, polyester film and imitation vellum. Blueprint usually contains the structure of an architecture and construction project so it is advisable for you to gain a more comprehensive understanding about reading the whole material to ensure that you interpret it in the most accurate way possible. The whole blue print reading process actually works by understanding the newer and revised worksheets that are primarily designed to improve the ability of its readers to formulate a mental picture when looking into a drawing and effectively interpret it.

If you want to become a blue print reading expert, then it is advisable for you to improve your skills in reviewing the main subject in a blue print with the help of examples and illustrations. It should also be noted that blue print reading encompasses understanding industry practices, standards and industrial printed copies in order for you to get a more balanced blue print presentation, thereby allowing you to read and understand the theories and industry applications associated to it. The process also includes defining various kinds of scales that form part of a drawing, accurately identifying the length, width and height dimensions and interpreting the different notations and symbols that form part of a blue print drawing.

Brainmeasures Blue Print Reading Certification Program

Blue print reading is not actually a difficult process and you can expect this to become even easier by taking part in a blue print reading certification program. If you want to take up a blue print reading course, then it is advisable for you to pick that highly impressive online certification course offered by Brainmeasures because it contains all the information that you need to become a real expert in this specific field. By enrolling in the blue print reading certification course offered by Brainmeasures, you will have an easier time accessing a more flexible and comprehensive blue print reading training which provides information about the different kinds of blueprints, steps and procedures involved in reading them and accurately interpreting the various kinds of standard abbreviations and symbols presented on wiring diagrams, schematics and electrical construction illustrations and drawings. Getting your blue print reading certificate from Brainmeasures is already enough to show your excellence in the field of reading and interpreting all the major elements in a blue print.

Highlights of the Blue Print Reading Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The blue print reading certification program which is now available from Brainmeasures allows you to achieve your dream of fully understanding everything which is included in a blue print. With the help of this blue print reading certification course, you will be able to get the most comprehensive and accurate information about the following:

  • Basics of printing blue print including the diazo print process, photocopy process, plain paper copy, multicolor offset printing, photographic reproduction and Computer Aided Design (CAD) and drafting
  • Introduction to technical drawing including lettering and manual drafting
  • Understanding how CAD and CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) works
  • Presenting blue prints using CAD
  • Understanding the different types of blue prints and their individual functions
  • Interpreting the different types of line in a blue print including the object, section, extension, dashed, center, phantom, dimension, contour and break lines
  • Different types of dimensions including the angular dimension, linear dimension and the reference dimension
  • Understanding the different types of view for a blue print including the single-view, two-view, three-view, front, side and top view drawings
  • Learning more about projection symbols to easily interpret blue prints
  • Gathering all the information that you need about perspective drawings
  • Gaining a more comprehensive background about civil drawings including a plat map, site plan, topography map, demolition map and landscaping and irrigation plan
  • Understanding the basics of structural and architectural drawings

Beneficiaries of the Blue Print Reading Certification Program

The blue print reading certification program offered by Brainmeasures can benefit numerous individuals and professionals especially those who are part of the engineering, structural, architectural, design and construction industries. You can expect this to work more suitably for beginners in the field of production and construction, junior fabricators, draftsmen, engineers, welders and any other professionals who are responsible in finding, interpreting and understanding vital information present in a blue print.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Blue Print Reading Certification Course

Enrolling in a blue print reading certification course gives you an assurance that you will learn everything about reading a blue print. Getting your blue print reading certification makes it easier for you to access the following positions:

  • Blue Print Reader
  • Blue Print Analyst
  • Blue Print Consultant
  • Corporate Quality Engineer
  • CAD Designer / Drafter
  • Manufacturing Engineer

Expected Salary for Blue Print Reading Certification Holders

Earning a blue print reading certification is a good way to dramatically increase the level of your income. With the help of your blue print reading certification, you will have an easier time getting the position of a blue print analyst which gives you the chance to receive around $49,000 to $81,000 annually. Working as a blue print consultant is also possible which allows you to earn as much as $140,000 per year.


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