Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification

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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification



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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification

What is Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 refers to an effective personal information manager offered by Microsoft to the public and forms a huge part of its Office suite. Its most recent version is the Microsoft Outlook 2010 which is primarily designed for Windows. You can expect Microsoft Outlook 2010 to be extremely useful as an email application. Note, however, that its functions are not only limited to that. You can also expect it to come with a task manager, calendar, notes, web browsing, journal and contact manager. You can actually use it either as an independent application or together with Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for various users of an organization. This is also useful in managing and running shared calendars and mailboxes, SharePoint lists, meeting schedules and exchange public folders. Using Microsoft Outlook 2010 allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time in creating, managing and viewing emails
  • Easier access to the most useful tools
  • Easily connect with different kinds of people wherever you are
  • Stay updated about the most recent news and updates of your contacts
  • Easier access to essential information wherever you are
  • Bitness registry key and cached exchange mode feature
  • Promotes multiple exchange accounts
  • Calendar preview when it comes to meeting requests
  • Outlook social connector feature
  • Roaming auto complete list

Brainmeasures Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Program

If you want to gather the most vital information about Microsoft Outlook 2010, then it is advisable for you to enroll in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification program offered by Brainmeasures. Brainmeasures is one of the most reputable online certification companies at present so you have a hundred percent assurance that its Microsoft Outlook 2010 course will never fail to tackle the most vital aspects related to the field. Enrolling in this certification course makes it possible for you to receive the most extensive Microsoft Outlook 2010 training which is guaranteed to explain to you in full detail the major roles played by Microsoft Outlook 2010, the benefits that it offers, the features installed in it and the different techniques and procedures that you can use in effectively managing all your emails through it. As soon as you receive your Microsoft Outlook 2010 certificate from Brainmeasures, you will no longer experience difficulty running this program.

Highlights of the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The proven comprehensiveness of the Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures makes it possible for you to master all the vital aspects and concepts related to this application. By successfully completing your Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification course, you will become more skilled and knowledgeable in the following topics:

  • Getting familiar with the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • How to connect to your e-mail accounts, exchange accounts and internet e-mail accounts through Microsoft Outlook 2010?
  • Vital information about the Outlook Windows 23
  • Basics of working with the backstage view, the ribbon view and mail module view
  • Basic steps and procedures involved in creating, sending and receiving e-mail messages through Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Effective management and organization of multiple accounts
  • How to attach files to your e-mail messages?
  • Reading pane behavior configuration
  • How to respond to messages?
  • Basic steps and procedures involved in storing and accessing contact information
  • Updating information of your contacts
  • How to initiate communication from your contact records?
  • Basics of changing and scheduling appointments
  • How to effectively schedule, update and cancel meetings through
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010?
  • Displaying various calendar views
  • Creating and monitoring tasks
  • Customizing settings when viewing conversations
  • Effectively managing and monitoring your calendar
  • How to connect to online calendars?
  • Basic steps involved in creating additional address books

Improving your e-mail message contents by formatting the texts, modifying and embedding messages, capturing screen messages and inserting pictures, shapes and clip arts

Beneficiaries of the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Program

The Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is extremely beneficial to a wide range of users. You can expect this online certification course to be more suitable for those professionals who are responsible in customizing Outlook environment, e-mail messages and calendar and those who wish to effectively keep track of, assign, locate and share various items in Outlook.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Course

The Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification program which you can now easily access at Brainmeasures can also provide you with more job opportunities. The following are just few of the many jobs that will become available for you as soon as you take a hold of your Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification:

  • Microsoft Outlook Administrator
  • Microsoft Outlook Accounts Manager
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Consultant
  • Microsoft Outlook Analyst
  • Microsoft Outlook Engineer

Expected Salary for Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Holders

Receiving a Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification can do a lot of good to your income. If you are already a Microsoft Outlook 2010 certification holder, you get the chance to become a Microsoft Outlook administrator which allows you to receive an average annual salary of $82,000. You may also get the position of a Microsoft Outlook 2010 consultant which gives you the chance to receive an annual salary within the range of $85,000 to $127,000.


Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification

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