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JQuery Certification

JQuery Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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JQuery Certification

What is JQuery?

JQuery refers to a JavaScript library run by multiple browsers and is primarily designed to make the process of client side scripting of HTML simpler. It has become the most well-liked JavaScript library at present considering the fact that more than fifty-five percent of the ten thousand most popular and most visited websites are using it. It should also be noted that JQuery is an open source and free software which comes with a syntax that is primarily designed to simplify the process of navigating documents, creating animations, choosing DOM elements, developing Ajax applications and handling events. It is also a huge help for developers who wish to improve their skills and capabilities in creating plug-ins with the help of the JavaScript library. With the help of JQuery, these developers get the chance to develop abstractions designed for low-level animation and interaction, high-level and themed widgets and advanced effects. It also allows you to take advantage of a modular approach which focuses on the development of highly powerful web applications and dynamic web pages. It should also be noted that JQuery comes with a lot of features that make it even more effective. These include the following:

  • DOM element selections with the help of its open source selector engine run by multiple browsers
  • DOM modification and traversal
  • DOM manipulation
  • Effects and animations
  • Events
  • Utilities including feature detection and user agent information
  • Extensibility with the help of plug-ins
  • Multi-browser support

Brainmeasures JQuery Certification Program

If you want to learn JQuery and become a real expert when it comes to using this popular JavaScript library, then the JQuery certification program offered by Brainmeasures is highly recommended for you. The JQuery course from Brainmeasures is beneficial for you because it is developed by real JQuery experts. This gives you an assurance that all the information that you will gather from this certification course is highly accurate. It allows you to undergo a JQuery training which covers all the information that you need to understand to become a real expert in this specific field including the major properties of the program, its functions and benefits, the most essential features that are installed in it and the major roles that it plays in making the lives of developers easier. Receiving your JQuery certificate from the well-recognized online certification company called Brainmeasures is indeed a major help in showing the industry that you have what it takes to become a real JQuery expert.

Highlights of the JQuery Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The JQuery certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures is comprehensive enough that you will never experience difficulty strengthening your JQuery knowledge and background. By enrolling in the JQuery certification course, you get greater chances of mastering the following topics:

  • Basics of using JQuery
  • Incorporating the codes in the JQuery library in HTML pages
  • Taking advantage of the JQuery function and selectors in choosing
  • DOM elements
  • How to traverse DOM based on present context and obtain a newer set of DOM elements?
  • Creating, inserting, operating, replacing, cloning and getting rid of DOM elements
  • Basics of choosing child elements, specific siblings and index order elements
  • Effective techniques in choosing elements based on their contents, elements that are animating presently and elements based on attributes, type and visibility
  • Steps that you need to undertake in converting a chosen JQuery object into raw DOM object
  • Improving functionality with the help of plug-ins
  • Identifying the best features of getting JQuery support
  • How to borrow codes from other types of libraries?
  • Essential facts about debugging
  • Finding dimensions of Window, Document and element
  • Using the browser width to switch style sheets
  • How to speed up the global event triggering process?

Beneficiaries of the JQuery Certification Program

Taking into consideration the extreme popularity of JQuery at present, it is no longer surprising to see a huge increase in the number of people who wish to take part in the JQuery certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures. This certification course is actually suitable for web developers and designers who are aiming to improve the interactivity of their websites with the help of JQuery and JavaScript.

Job Opportunities after Completing a JQuery Certification Course

Enrolling in a JQuery certification course and successfully completing it is also a major help in significantly increasing your career prospects. As soon as you receive your JQuery certification, you will become more suitable for the following jobs:

  • JQuery PHP Developer
  • JQuery Mobile Expert
  • JQuery Technical Lead
  • JQuery Web Programmer
  • JQuery Consultant

Expected Salary for JQuery Certification Holders

A huge increase in the level of your salary can also be expected after you successfully complete your JQuery certification course. With the help of your JQuery certification, you will get the chance to work as a JQuery consultant which allows you to enjoy an annual salary within the range of $78,000 to $101,000. You can also expect your certification to be extremely useful in getting the position of a JQuery mobile developer which gives you the opportunity to receive around $85,000 to $122,000 per year.


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