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Circuit Design Certification

Circuit Design Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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Circuit Design Certification

What is Circuit Design?

Circuit design refers to the process of covering systems that range from complex electrical systems down to individual transistors found inside an integrated circuit. The process of designing simple circuits can usually be accomplished by a single person with the need for a more structured and planned design process. Note, however, that designing complex circuits require a team of expert designers that strictly follow a more systematic approach with the help of an intelligently guided computer simulation. It should also be noted that circuit design, in the field of integrated circuit design automation, can be defined as that specific step within a design cycle which is characterized by getting an output of an integrated circuit’s schematics. This step is actually that which you can find between the physical and logic design step. If you want to formally carry out the circuit design process, then it is advisable for you to undertake the following stages:

  • Write requirement specifications right after you liaise with your customers.
  • Write technical proposal which meets customer requirements and specifications.
  • Synthesize the most suitable abstract electrical circuit and schematic circuit diagram.
  • Calculate component values suitable with operating specifications.
  • Perform simulations.
  • Build breadboard or any other prototype version of circuit design.
  • Alter the circuit to comply with requirements.
  • Choose a construction method including the materials and parts that you should use.
  • Present layout and component information.
  • Test numerous prototypes to guarantee compliance.
  • Sign and approve final drawings.
  • Post-design the services.

Brainmeasures Circuit Design Certification Program

Learning more about circuit design is now greatly possible if you take part in the circuit design certification program available at Brainmeasures. The circuit design course which is introduced by Brainmeasures, a well-recognized online certification company, is extremely useful in your attempt to become a circuit design expert because it covers the most vital concepts associated to this field. Enrolling in this certification course allows you to undergo a detailed circuit design training which is effective in providing you information about circuitry especially those that are found in popular electronic systems such as light switches, computers, heating systems and doorbells. It also provides you information about the basics of creating and designing layouts for circuits, data converter designs, integrated and analog circuits, signal processing and wireless communications. Once you complete this circuit design certification course, you will be able to grab a copy of your circuit design certificate which shows how proficient you are in this specific field.

Highlights of the Circuit Design Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The circuit design certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is developed in such a way that it effectively meets your desire to learn everything about circuit designing. This circuit design certification course allows you to master the following:

  • Fundamentals of circuits and electrical systems
  • The passive components of electrical systems and circuits
  • Essential information about DC circuits
  • How to alternate current and voltage?
  • Basics of simulating circuit
  • Intuitively designing circuits
  • Basics of troubleshooting electrical system and different types of circuits
  • Definition of semiconductor diode and its major functions
  • Understanding how diodes work and the usual problems that these usually face when performing their functions
  • Types of diodes that are capable of efficiently glowing in the dark
  • Essential facts about bipolar transistors and their major functions
  • How to detect and avoid transistors?
  • Power transistors and their ability to hog current
  • Understanding how structures for fabrication work
  • Skills and expertise needed in designing power-circuit
  • Fundamentals of digital circuit
  • Understanding how digital technology works
  • Effectively manipulating binary data
  • Understanding how combinational logic designing works
  • Basics of sequential logic designing
  • Effectively choosing a route for circuit design
  • Combining digital and analog electronics

Beneficiaries of the Circuit Design Certification Program

The circuit design certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures aims to help circuit designers who wish to understand everything about the implementation of integrated circuit design. It is more beneficial for electronic designers, engineers and technicians who wish to valuably update their skills and knowledge regarding the newest developments in circuit designing. Job Opportunities after Completing a Circuit Design Certification Course

It is also important for you to note that successfully completing a circuit design certification course is your ticket towards accessing numerous jobs. As a circuit design certification holder, you have greater chances of filling the following vital positions in the electronics industry:

  • Certified Circuit Designer
  • Circuit Design Engineer
  • Integrated Circuits and Systems Scientist
  • Electronics and Design Analysis Engineer
  • Circuit Layout Design Specialist

Expected Salary for Circuit Design Certification Holders

Receiving your circuit design certification is also a huge help in your attempt to boost your financial stability. Holding a circuit design certification gives you the opportunity to handle the position of a circuit layout design specialist which usually offers an annual salary of at least $45,000. You can also expect to get the position of a circuit design engineer which allows you to receive around $85,000 to $130,000 annually.


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