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Electrical Safety Certification

Electrical Safety Certification



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Electrical Safety Certification

What is Electrical Safety?

Electrical safety is a term used to describe the implementation of safety and preventative measures when it comes to preventing dangerous electrical risks and hazards. Working with electrical circuits or power tools may expose you to the risk of facing electrical hazards including electric shock. Your exposure to these risks is the same whether you are working at a workplace or at home. Most electronic workers are exposed to these risks and hazards because their job sites tend to have cluttered materials and tools, are fast paced and more open to harsh weather conditions. The use of electric power tools and electrical circuits also increase your chances of dealing with these hazards. Be aware that a close contact with a high electric voltage may result to the flow of current all throughout your body. This may result to burns, shocks, serious injuries and worst, death.

Because electrical workers are more prone to dangers, you have to improve your knowledge about electrical safety. Everything that you do should be carefully planned. It is also important for you to become more familiar about the terms and tools used in performing electronic tasks including resistance, amperage, voltage and circuit. This will allow you to work seriously while still practicing extreme caution. You should also improve your skills in dealing with the most common injuries associated to performing electrical projects including electrical shock, electrical burns, thermal contact burns and arc burns.

Brainmeasures Electrical Safety Certification Program

Enrolling in the electrical safety certification program offered by Brainmeasures is the best thing that you can do if you want to become more familiar about the basics of implementing electrical safety and precautionary measures. By enrolling in the electrical safety course offered by this impressive online certification company, you will be more enlightened about the risks and hazards associated to running electrical projects. This certification course permits you to learn through a highly comprehensive electrical safety training which covers all the information that you need to become an expert in electrical safety including the most crucial electronic terms and concepts, the most common electrical projects that you need to complete, the different tools that you need when performing electrical projects, the most common injuries faced by experts in this field when performing the tasks, safety measures that you should follow when performing electrical projects and the most effective techniques that you can use in case inevitable accidents take place at the workplace. Completing this certification course will allow you to receive an electrical safety certificate which shows how cautious you are when performing projects.

Highlights of the Electrical Safety Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Because of the proven comprehensiveness and reliability of all the online certification programs offered by Brainmeasures, you will never regret enrolling in its electrical safety certification course. By enrolling in the Brainmeasures electrical safety certification course, you will be able to receive in-depth knowledge about the following:

  • Learning the dangers of electricity
  • How will you experience electrical shock?
  • The proven dangers of facing electrical shocks
  • The severity of burns caused by electricity
  • Most common hazards associated to performing electrical tasks including electrical fires and arc blasts
  • Safety measures that you should follow when performing electrical tasks
  • Recognizing electrical hazards and effectively evaluating risks
  • How to effectively control hazards and enjoy a safer work environment?
  • Basics of controlling inadequate wiring, fixed wiring and flexible wiring hazards
  • Properly using flexible wiring
  • Taking advantage of the most ideal extension cord
  • Effectively controlling exposed live electrical parts hazards by isolating energized components
  • Effectively controlling live electrical wires exposure hazards by getting the right insulation
  • Avoiding overhead power lines, wet working conditions and any other dangers to enjoy working in a safer environment
  • Properly using wiring, connectors and other electrical tools

Beneficiaries of the Electrical Safety Certification Program

Considering the many hazards associated to running electrical projects, you can expect the electrical safety certification course to work perfectly for a lot of people. You can expect this certification course to become even more beneficial for electrical workers, electrical engineers, HVAC technicians, supervisors, instrumentation mechanics and any other individuals and professionals who wish to gather relevant information about electrical safety because of their regular exposure to electrical hazards including electrical shock, burns and arc blasts.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Electrical Safety Certification Course

Receiving your electrical safety certification is also a huge help in further increasing the number of available career opportunities for you. With the help of your electrical safety certification, you will have an easier time grabbing the following positions in the electronics/electrical industry:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer
  • Safety and Health Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Maintenance Technician
  • Electrical Engineering Manager
  • Electrical Superintendent
  • Electrical Foreman

Expected Salary for Electrical Safety Certification Holders

Your salary as an electrical safety certification holder is also among those that you will surely enjoy after successfully completing the course. Your electrical safety certification is extremely useful in applying for an electrical superintendent position which is a huge help in increasing your income to $62,000 to $89,000 per year. You also have greater chances of working as an electrical and instrumentation engineer which offers a more profitable annual pay of approximately $75,000 to $106,000.


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