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Zend Framework Certification

Zend Framework Certification



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Zend Framework Certification

What is Zend Framework?

Zend framework refers to an object-oriented and open-source web application platform which is primarily implemented in PHP 5. This platform has the new BSD license which was approved by OSI or the Open Source Initiative. Code contributors are required to sign the CLA or the Contributor License Agreement which is completely based on the CLA of the Apache Software Foundation before they can start using Zend. The contribution and licensing policies implemented were established as a means of preventing intellectual property issues for all the commercial users of the Zend framework. One of the major advantages of the framework is that it is completely object-oriented so it takes advantage of useful object-oriented concepts such as interfaces and inheritance. This allows the major components of Zend to become extendable at some points. This also gives developers the chance to easily implement their variations of these components without hacking the code base.

Another advantage of the Zend framework is that it allows you to create reusable codes. The decoupled nature of the framework also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of its major components as unique and individual libraries. This prevents you from dealing with the hassle of using Zend as a whole. The framework also promotes the easier integration of other useful libraries. You will also enjoy its most remarkable features including use at will architecture, extensible MVC implementation, flexible caching subsystem, email composition and delivery and email retrieval.

Brainmeasures Zend Framework Certification Program

If you are one of those who have longed to become an expert in using the Zend framework, then the Zend framework certification program available at Brainmeasures is the most ideal online certification program for you. One of the most remarkable things about this Zend framework course is that it was comprehensively developed so you have a hundred percent assurance that all essential aspects about the platform are included. With the help of this certification course, you can start accessing the Brainmeasures Zend framework training which is developed in the most detailed manner to offer information about all the aspects related to using the framework including its importance, functions and benefits, the different features that are installed in it, its major components and the most compelling reasons why you should consider taking advantage of it. As soon as Brainmeasures furnish you with your Zend framework certificate, you can start working confidently in this field since you know that you already have a stronger and a more comprehensive knowledge of Zend framework.

Highlights of the Zend Framework Certification Program from Brainmeasures

All the things that you need to know to become a Zend framework expert form a huge part of the Brainmeasures Zend framework certification program. With the help of this Zend framework certification course, strengthening your background in the following topics will no longer become impossible:

  • Introduction to using the Zend framework
  • Gaining a more comprehensive understanding about its applications and the licenses that it has received
  • Taking advantage of Zend controller when it comes to effectively writing controllers
  • How to effectively use the forms, filters, validators and views of the Zend framework?
  • Understanding all the essential features installed in the Zend framework
  • Gaining a more comprehensive understanding about the major components of Zend framework and their fully object-oriented nature
  • Basics of database manipulation, display and communication when using the Zend framework
  • How to effectively send and receive email messages when using the framework?
  • Understanding all web services and feeds associated to Zend
  • Steps and procedures that you need to follow when trying to use the Zend_Search_Lucene to create search engines
  • Taking full advantage of the Zend framework in performing the caching process

Beneficiaries of the Zend Framework Certification Program

Because of the proven comprehensiveness of the Zend framework certification program from Brainmeasures, it is no longer surprising if it will continue to offer numerous benefits to all of those who have decided to take part in it. The certification program is actually more beneficial to developers, programmers, systems analysts and consultants, administrators, coders and any other individuals and professionals who plan to use Zend framework and gain a more complete understanding about how to use the framework in effectively developing more scalable web applications.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Zend Framework Certification Course

Numerous job opportunities can also be expected to become instantly available for you as soon as you receive your Zend framework certification. With the help of your Zend framework certification, you will have an easier time accessing the following positions:

  • Zend Framework Developer
  • Zend Framework Programming Analyst
  • Zend Framework Consultant
  • Zend Framework Software Engineer
  • Zend Framework UI Implementer

Expected Salary for Zend Framework Certification Holders

The level of your salary can also be expected to instantly increase as soon as you get your Zend framework certification. You can actually take full advantage of your Zend framework certification by using it to work as a Zend framework engineer which allows you to earn around $68,000 to $105,000 annually. If you grab the position of a Zend framework developer, then you can start rewarding yourself with an annual salary of around $81,000 to $134,000.


Zend Framework Certification

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