HVAC Certification

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HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification



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HVAC Certification

What is HVAC?

HVAC which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning refers to a kind of technology which offers automotive and indoor environment comfort. Its system is designed in such a way that it becomes one of the major sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering and is created basing on the most essential principles of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. HVAC is one of the most vital components in designing medium to large office and industrial buildings including skyscrapers and marine environments like aquariums as a means of meeting the health and safety regulations in the building regarding humidity and temperature. It requires the use of fresh air coming from the outdoors. One of the major objectives of designing an HVAC system is to assist in maintaining a high indoor air quality by ensuring that adequate ventilation is present through filtration while also offering thermal comfort.

It should also be noted that HVAC systems are usually part of the largest consumers of energy in educational institutions. The design and choice for this system is capable of affecting numerous high performance goals such as water consumption and acoustics. Most engineers are now working hard towards carefully designing it in order to create a high quality system which is not only cost-competitive but comes with a more effective and traditional designs as well. They also work in creating the system in such a way that it offers the required quality and quantity of outdoor air while also allowing you to pay low energy costs and without requiring you to spend too much on maintenance.

Brainmeasures HVAC Certification Program

If you want to learn HVAC systems, then it is advisable for you to check out the HVAC certification program which is now introduced by Brainmeasures to the public. You should consider enrolling in this HVAC course offered by Brainmeasures because this online certification course is guaranteed to offer you everything that you need to know about heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the help of this certification course, you get the chance to access the Brainmeasures highly comprehensive HVAC training which explains in full detail all the major concepts associated to HVAC systems, the major principles used in designing them, the different types of heating systems, methods of getting your desired level of ventilation and useful information about air conditioning systems. Once you finally take a hold of your HVAC certificate, it will be easier for you to showcase your proficiency in this specific field.

Highlights of the HVAC Certification Program from Brainmeasures

All the information provided by the HVAC certification course offered by Brainmeasures is guaranteed to be really accurate and well-updated so you have a guarantee that it can offer you your desired level of knowledge and skills. By taking part in this HVAC certification course, it will be easier for you to gain a more in-depth knowledge about the following:

  • Introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air
  • Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Major objectives of HVAC systems
  • Gaining a more comprehensive understanding about the flow of heat
  • Basics of psychrometrics
  • Understanding how systems for heating and ventilation work
  • A more comprehensive overview about air conditioning systems, their structures and individual benefits
  • Different types of HVAC systems including water chillers, compressors and fans
  • Basics of proper air distribution
  • Information about variable air volume
  • Understanding the major functions of pumps and their water distribution
  • Information about control systems and their major components
  • Tips and tricks in selecting the best HVAC system
  • Basics of recovering heat
  • Gathering essential information about opportunities associated to energy conservation
  • Optimizing central plant water chiller
  • Basic terms and concepts associated to running HVAC systems
  • Understanding the timeline of HVAC systems

Beneficiaries of the HVAC Certification Program

Taking into consideration the importance of HVAC systems at present, it is no longer surprising if the HVAC certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures can offer numerous benefits to different types of individuals and professionals. You can expect this certification course to work suitably for aspiring and existing design engineers or designers, plant managers, architects, contractors, HVAC professionals, home builders, remodelers and any other professionals who are responsible in designing and installing high quality HVAC systems.

Job Opportunities after Completing a HVAC Certification Course

Considering the extreme popularity of HVAC systems, you can also expect to access numerous jobs after you take a hold of your HVAC certification. With the help of your HVAC certification, it will be easier for you to grab the following positions:

  • HVAC Installer
  • HVAC Component Design Engineer
  • Operating Engineer
  • HVAC Service Manager
  • HVAC Systems Technician
  • HVAC Inspector

Expected Salary for HVAC Certification Holders

With the help of your HVAC certification, it will also be easier for you to enjoy a higher level of salary. You can use your HVAC certification in getting the position of an HVAC service manager which allows you to earn an annual salary of around $41,000 to $71,000. You can also get the position of an HVAC component design engineer which offers an annual salary within the usual range of $73,000 to $130,000.


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