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Image Consultant Certification

Image Consultant Certification



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Image Consultant Certification

What is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional who mainly assesses the present status of how the public perceives a specific individual, organization or company. One of the major functions of this professional is to assess the specific level of negative and positive perceptions that are currently existing and figure out the perfect way to improve public image. As a means of accomplishing this task, the consultant should be proficient enough in a wide range of areas including the process of effectively using public tools for public relations while also having the skills and ability to efficiently market the entity. Among those that regularly seek the help of an image consultant are public figures, politicians and celebrities. The reason behind this is that the public images of these people can have a major impact on their ability to effectively function. In case the public figure’s image becomes negative because of a certain event, the image consultant will start to find ways on minimizing the damage.

Another major function of an image consultant is to assist people in identifying their styles with an aim of looking and feeling their absolute best. These consultants will be in charge in protecting your positive image by considering vital factors like your lifestyle, social activities, personality, body structure, budget and career. The services of these professionals are usually provided through presentations, workshops, seminars and coaching. The whole consultation process includes providing more detailed explanations about appearance, wardrobe development, body and color analysis, branding, effective communications and sound.

Brainmeasures Image Consultant Certification Program

If you want to know exactly who is image consultant and what this professional does, then it is advisable for you to access Brainmeasures, a well-known online certification company, which has served different individuals through its detailed online certification courses. This company is now offering an image consultant certification program which caters to the needs of all those who plan to venture into image consulting. One of the most remarkable qualities of this image consultant course from Brainmeasures is its comprehensiveness. This means that you will surely enjoy its highly impressive and comprehensive image consultant training which works in explaining to you in full detail all aspects related to working in the image consulting industry, the duties and responsibilities of an image consultant and the different public relations tools that you can use in effectively enhancing the images of your clients. Once you complete this image consultant certification course, you will be rewarded with a certificate which can serve as a proof of your proficiency in this specific field.

Highlights of the Image Consultant Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The image consultant certification course which you can now access at Brainmeasures will surely cater to your needs especially if you have longed to obtain quality and accurate information about image consulting. This image consultant certification course gives you the opportunity to fully understand the following:

  • Importance of facing all your fears when trying to enhance your image
  • Most common excuses by those who do not plan to change themselves
  • Changing your wardrobe and understanding the major impact of your clothing to your image
  • Improving your body figure to further enhance your image and boost your confidence
  • Understanding yourself as a colleague and the things that you should consider changing about your business style
  • Positively changing your present social image
  • Making some positive changes in the way you communicate with others
  • Effective ways to positively change your self-image
  • How to get the job which perfectly suits you?
  • Positively changing the way you conduct and respond to interviews
  • Major reasons why you should consider improving yourself
  • Effective tools and techniques that you can use in image consultancy

Beneficiaries of the Image Consultant Certification Program

The image consultant certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is extremely beneficial for all those who plan of becoming part of the image consulting industry. It caters to the needs of all aspiring image consultants who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in improving the images of different kinds of clients. The good thing about Brainmeasures is that it does not set standards and requirements for those who plan on becoming part of their programs so anyone can be admitted into its image consultant certification program without any hassle.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Image Consultant Certification Course

Completing an image consultant certification course also increases the number of your career prospects. Your image consultant certification will be a major help in your attempt to work as an image consultant for the best clients including the following:

  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Corporations
  • Public Speakers
  • Executives and Other Professionals
  • Public Figures

Expected Salary for Image Consultant Certification Holders

Working as an image consultant after earning your image consultant certification is also proven to be really rewarding considering the fact that it significantly increases your salary. As an image consultant, you can charge your clients on a per hour basis which usually range from $80 to $150 per hour. The average earnings earned by an image consultant on an annual basis is also said to be around $80,000 to $140,000.


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