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Core Java Certification

Core Java Certification



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Core Java Certification

What is Core Java?

Core Java can be defined as the basic or core concepts associated to the Java programming language. It has received extreme popularity because of all the remarkable and useful features that are installed in it including multi-threading, inheritance, encapsulation, exception handling and any other core features that make up Java. What makes Core Java beneficial is that it is known for being object-oriented. It is object-oriented because it works in organizing software by combining different kinds of objects and incorporating behavior and data. The object-oriented nature of Core Java also works in simplifying the process of software maintenance and development by offering a few rules. Among the most essential concepts associated to the object-oriented nature of Core Java include object, inheritance, class, abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation.

Core Java is also popular for being platform independent. It is important for you to note that a platform refers to the software or hardware environment where a specific program runs. Core Java is capable of offering a kind of platform based on software. It is different from other types of platform because its software-based platform can be expected to operate over platforms based on hardware. It should also be noted that the platform for core Java has two major components namely the runtime environment and the application programming interface (API). The good thing about core Java is that it is also well-secured because it does not come with any explicit pointer and its programs can be expected to operate within the virtual machine sandbox.

Brainmeasures Core Java Certification Program

Understanding core Java is no longer that hard because of the presence of Brainmeasures, a popular online certification company which now offers a core Java certification course to all those who are interested. The core Java course from Brainmeasures is highly beneficial considering its ability to provide you the highest level of information regarding this specific field. By deciding to earn your certification from Brainmeasures, you will get the chance to undergo a core Java training which explains in full detail everything about core Java, its most relevant and essential concepts and aspects, its various components, functions and benefits and the many techniques that you can use in ensuring that you get the best results out of using core Java. Earning a core Java certificate is proven to be really beneficial considering its ability to let you prove to the industry that your skills, knowledge and expertise in this field are highly competitive.

Highlights of the Core Java Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The core Java certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures is proven to be really beneficial considering its comprehensiveness and its accuracy. By deciding to earn a core Java certification from Brainmeasures, you will no longer experience difficulty understanding the following topics:

  • Understanding the major functions and roles played by core Java as a programming platform
  • Understanding the history of Java
  • Learning a few misconceptions related to using Java
  • Understanding the programming environment of Java
  • How to effectively install the Java development kit?
  • Creating the best development environment
  • Taking advantage of command-line tools
  • Operating graphical applications and the basics of building and operating applets
  • Gaining a more comprehensive understanding about the basic programming structures of Java
  • Understanding the major components of core Java including data types, operators, strings, variables, control flow, input and output
  • Basics of object oriented programming
  • How to define your classes and take advantage of predefined classes?
  • Understanding how method parameters work
  • Common methods used in variable number of parameters
  • Introduction to graphics programming
  • How to effectively create and position a frame?
  • Basics of displaying information and data in a component
  • Introduction to event handling
  • Understanding the major components of user interface that work along with Swing
  • How to deploy applets and applications?

Beneficiaries of the Core Java Certification Program

The core Java certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures is extremely useful to a wide range of individuals and professionals considering its proven comprehensiveness and accuracy. This certification course is more suitable for Java programmers, IT professionals, engineers, designers and any other professionals who wish to gather in-depth knowledge about all technologies, platforms and tools associated to Java programming.

Job Opportunities after Completing Core Java Certification Course

Enrolling in a core Java certification course and successfully completing it is a huge help in your attempt to dramatically increase your career prospects. With the help of your core Java certification, you will find it easier to grab the following jobs:

  • Core Java Developer
  • Core Java Architect
  • Core Java Engineer
  • Core Java Administrator
  • Core Java Consultant

Expected Salary for Core Java Certification Holders

Your core Java certification is also your ticket towards receiving an even higher salary. With the help of your core Java certification, you will have an easier time grabbing the position of a core Java administrator which offers an annual salary within the range of $82,000 to $104,000. You can also take advantage of your certification by using it to work as a core Java developer so you can start earning as much as $112,000 per year.


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