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Green Building Certification

Green Building Certification



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Green Building Certification

What is Green Building?

Green building which is also popular for its other names sustainable building and green construction can be defined as a structure or a process which is not only environmentally responsible but also resource-efficient as well. Its resource efficient and environmentally responsible nature can be expected to be felt all throughout the life cycle of buildings starting from choosing its site up to the designing, operation, maintenance, construction, renovation and demolition stages. The whole green building process actually requires the entire design team, engineers, architects and clients to work and cooperate closely. It should also be noted that the whole green building practice actually works by expanding and complementing the somewhat classical design concerns of buildings especially those that are related to the aspects of durability, comfort, utility and economy.

It is also important for you to note that the major objective of creating green buildings is to significantly reduce their impact on natural environment and human health by efficiently taking advantage of water, energy and any other resources, significantly reducing pollution associated to lights, environmental degradation and waste and protecting the health of the building’s occupants while also boosting the productivity of employees. Creating green buildings can also be expected to offer numerous economic, social and environmental benefits. It also works by integrating the life cycle of buildings with employed green practices and design purposes with an aim of creating synergy among the used practices.

Brainmeasures Green Building Certification Program

If you want to become a certified green builder, then the green building certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures is highly recommended for you. Brainmeasures green building course is the most ideal online certification course for you because of its effectiveness in providing you with the most accurate information about the whole green building process. With the help of this certification course, you will get the opportunity to undergo a highly impressive and commendable green building training which covers all the vital aspects linked to the process, the most common principles and practices that are used in implementing it, the major functions and objectives associated to green building, the specific tools and techniques that you need and the specific things that you can do to build the safest and the most environmentally-friendly building. Deciding to finally take a hold of your green building certificate is a major help in your attempt to impress the public and allow your prospective clients to recognize you and your skills.

Highlights of the Green Building Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The green building certification program which is available at Brainmeasures is truly remarkable because of its proven effectiveness in providing you with high quality and accurate information. Your decision to take part in Brainmeasures green building certification program gives you the chance to acquire more information about the following related topics:

  • Understanding the whole green building process under a more global context
  • Introduction to carbon dioxide emissions and resource depletion
  • History of green building
  • Understanding the major components of green buildings and the specific skills and knowledge that you need to become a green building advocate in your workplace, at home, your university or college or your town
  • Understanding all the vital concepts and terms linked to green building
  • Guidelines associated to building a green home
  • Making investments in green buildings
  • Choosing the best integrated interior design for your building
  • Understanding how light emitting diodes (LEDs) and leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) work
  • Effective tips in reducing light pollution
  • Designing the lightings for your green buildings
  • Understanding the different verification and measurement systems for green buildings
  • A more comprehensive overview about how passive solar design works
  • Radiant cooling and heating for green buildings
  • Choosing the best sustainable sites and designs
  • Understanding how the green technology works

Beneficiaries of Green Building Certification Program

The presence of a green building certification program at Brainmeasures is extremely beneficial to a lot of people. You can expect this certification course to be perfect for all aspiring and existing builders, remodelers, architects, designers, engineers, land planners, energy raters, developers, home inspectors, building officials and any other individuals and professionals who focus more on establishing the best and the strongest green buildings and structures.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Green Building Certification Course

The extreme popularity of green buildings at present is also a strong indication that there are hundreds of jobs that will be introduced to you as soon as you complete your green building certification course. Once you finally receive your green building certification, you will find the act of applying for the following jobs easier:

  • Green Building Consultant
  • Certified Green Builder
  • Green Building Construction Manager
  • Green Building Engineer
  • Green Building Designer
  • Green Building Analyst

Expected Salary for Green Building Certification Holders

Completing a green building certification course is also a major help in your attempt to improve your financial stability. The reason behind this is that your green building certification can serve as your ticket towards enjoying a higher salary. If you get the position of a green building analyst, then you can expect to enjoy around $110,000 every year. You can also take full advantage of your certification by working as a green building consultant which gives you the chance to receive as much as $143,000 annually.


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