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Power Quality Certification

Power Quality Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 611 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Power Quality Certification

What is Power Quality?

Power quality allows you to determine the fitness and present condition of electrical power when connecting it to consumer devices. Proper voltage frequency and phase synchronization permits electrical systems to perform their intended functions without significantly losing life or performance. Power quality is also used in describing electrical power which works by driving electrical load as well as the ability of the load to properly function. Without the right power, there is a great possibility for electrical load and devices to malfunction, prematurely fail or completely fail to operate. It should be noted that there are various ways through which electrical power quality become poor and you need to familiarize yourself about all these if you want to work as an effective power quality expert.

When trying to gather more information about power quality, you should keep in mind that the electrical power industry is now composed of electrical power transmissions, electricity distribution, electric meter and electricity generation or AC power that are mainly located at the electric power’s end user. Power quality can also be defined as the specific condition through which electrical equipment and electrical power interact with one another. If the equipment correctly and reliably operates without any stress or damage, then it is safe to assume that its power has a higher level of quality. In case it malfunctions or becomes damaged or unreliable during normal usage, then it is safe to assume that the equipment comes with poor power quality.

Brainmeasures Power Quality Certification Program

The power quality certification program offered by Brainmeasures is suitable for you if your dream is to work as an effective power quality controller or any other designation that require a strong background about power quality. This power quality course is one of the best offers of the well-known online certification company because it is guaranteed to comprise all aspects relevant to determining power quality. Enrolling in this certification course allows you to enjoy Brainmeasures power quality training which is sure to strengthen your background about the field, the basics of determining power quality, the most essential concepts linked to it, its scope, different methods that you can use in measuring power quality and the different techniques and tools that you can use in improving power quality in case your measurement says that it is poor. With the help of your power quality certificate, you will no longer find it hard to enter this industry and transform yourself into one of the most renowned experts here.

Highlights of the Power Quality Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures power quality certification program contains all the information that you need to improve your competence in the field so rest assured that you will never regret taking part in it. Through Brainmeasures power quality certification program, you will be able to generate a clearer understanding about the following:

  • Gathering more information about frequency measuring and frequency quality indices
  • Major characteristics of load frequency
  • Introduction to frequency variation and how it influences actuation motors
  • Basics of harmonic and capacitor bank filters
  • Power network and the transforms and coils that form part of it
  • How frequency influences the equipment of various users?
  • How frequency variations influence asynchronous motors, series connected coils and condensers and parallel-connected coils and condensers?
  • Ways to effectively govern turbine speed
  • Understanding power systems and the frequency control that form part of them
  • Different characteristics of generation
  • Major properties of a system and the basics of controlling it
  • Learning everything about primary, secondary and tertiary frequency control
  • Load frequency control and its organizational and technical aspects
  • Understanding everything about reliability distribution
  • Indices that are based on load and based on customers
  • Major factors that greatly affect reliability performance
  • Basics of correctly reporting reliability indices
  • Value and impact of reliability

Beneficiaries of the Power Quality Certification Program

The power quality certification program which is introduced by Brainmeasures to the public is definitely hard not to notice because of its effectiveness to help everyone understand the power quality industry through the program’s highly comprehensive and accurate contents. It greatly benefits technical personnel, engineers and all professionals who are in charge about advising customers on how to improve power quality and establish contracts that will help in maximizing power.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Power Quality Certification Course

You will never regret enrolling in a power quality certification course because jobs in the power quality industry are numerous. Your power quality certification is a huge help in your attempt to easily access the following jobs:

  • Power Quality Engineer
  • Power Quality Consultant
  • Power Quality Project Manager
  • Power Quality Assessor
  • Power Quality Specialist

Expected Salary for Power Quality Certification Holders

Your power quality certification can also help you in maximizing your earnings. Upon taking a hold of your power quality certification, you will find it easier to fill the position of a power quality engineer and this profession can offer you an annual salary within the range of $53,000 to $96,000. You can also use it in working as a power quality consultant which offers as much as $135,000 every year.


Power Quality Certification

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