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Lean Software Development Certification

Lean Software Development Certification



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Lean Software Development Certification

What is Lean Software Development?

Lean software development can be defined as one of the most remarkable translations of lean IT and lean manufacturing practices and principles as they relate to the software development industry. It should be noted that lean software development is summarized using vital principles that are closely related to those that are used in lean manufacturing including eliminating waste, making decisions as early as possible, delivering products and services as fast as possible, amplifying learning, building integrity and setting objectives for your project as a whole. You should also take note that lean is more focused about eliminating waste and making sure that customers receive the most valuable products and services. The principles of eliminating waste actually include getting rid of anything that do not add value to customers such as unnecessary functionality and code, software development process delay, insufficient testing that lead to process repetition that are actually avoidable, slow internal communication and unclear requirements. To effectively eliminate waste, an expert should easily recognize and detect any of the things that are mentioned above. Note that there are also numerous practices that are now used in lean software development and these include instantly seeing wastes, queuing theory, pull systems, value stream mapping, measurements, motivation and set-based development. You have to know everything about these if you want to be a real expert in lean software development.

Brainmeasures Lean Software Development Certification Program

Becoming a certified lean software developer is now easier because of the presence of Brainmeasures, an online certification company, which now includes a lean software development certification program among the hundreds of certification courses and programs that it offers. Enrolling in this lean software development course is a wise move especially if you take into consideration the level and quality of knowledge that this company is capable of providing. This company can offer you with a lean software development training which is guaranteed to help you understand everything about the field, the steps and procedures that you need to undertake in the development of lean software, the different methods that you can use to achieve successful development and the roles and responsibilities that you need to play once you become a lean software developer. Completing this certification course entitles you to grab a copy of your lean software development certification which is a huge help in informing the industry that you have a higher level of competence in this specific field.

Highlights of the Lean Software Development Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures lean software development certification program is guaranteed to significantly increase the level of your understanding about the process of developing the most effective lean software. With the help of Brainmeasures, you will be able to enjoy a kind of lean software development certification course which is capable of supplying you with accurate information about the following:

  • Major reasons why you should consider understanding lean and implement it into your business
  • Importance of increasing the level of your knowledge about lean software development
  • Applying all principles and practices linked to lean into the software development process
  • A more comprehensive overview about scripted builds and source code management
  • Importance of automated testing and the steps and procedures that you need to undertake in performing it
  • Tools and techniques that you need for successful automated testing
  • Basics of continuous integration and how this is performed
  • Developing software using lean principles and practices with lesser codes
  • Understanding the basics of lean software development with shorter iterations
  • Allowing customer participation in the whole lean software development process

Beneficiaries of the Lean Software Development Certification Program

The lean software development certification program is developed comprehensively and in detail so expect it to benefit numerous individuals and professionals. You can expect this program to work even more suitably for all aspiring and existing software development practitioners, software programmers, team leaders, managers and any other individuals and professionals who are planning to apply lean in developing software for their business organizations. It is also useful for anyone who wishes to learn about the most effective practices and tools that they can easily apply into their lean software development projects.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Lean Software Development Certification Course

Those who have successfully completed a lean software development certification course also enjoy the numerous career opportunities that are laid out to them. If you are already a lean software development certification holder, you can expect the following positions to become more suitable for you:

  • Lean Software Developer
  • Lean Software Development Manager
  • Lean Software Development Consultant
  • Lean Software Development Engineer
  • Lean Software Development Analyst

Expected Salary for Lean Software Development Certification Holders

A significant increase in the level of your salary can also be expected as soon as you become a lean software development certification holder. Your lean software development certification is extremely useful in your attempt to work as a lean software development manager which lets you enjoy an average annual salary of $82,000. Using your certification to become a lean software development analyst is also a huge help in earning an average yearly salary of $95,000.


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