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Administrative Assistant Certification

Administrative Assistant Certification



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Administrative Assistant Certification

Who is Administrative Assistant?

Administrative assistant is known to be such a broad category which designates a person who offers various types of administrative support to groups and individuals who are working in business enterprises. It should be noted that this job title has many variations. The administrative assistant title, itself, refers to those who offer their assistance and support to company teams and departments including accounting, sales and marketing, development, information technology and human resources. It could also refer to executive assistants or secretaries who offer their assistance and services to high-ranking individuals in a company including small executive groups and executives. Those who grab the role of an executive assistant or secretary will be responsible in handling more sensitive or private personal and corporate information. Other roles that can be played by administrative assistants are receptionist, project assistant, personal assistant, clerk, accounting assistant and production assistant.

If you plan on becoming an administrative assistant, then it is advisable for you to gather information about your specific duties. These usually include assisting professionals in various essential aspects related to directory maintenance, equipment storage and inventory, logistics and administrative assistance, supplies and assets management inventory, invoices submission, suppliers sourcing and coordinating different operating units and departments as a means of solving the daily operational and administrative problems of a business organization. Administrative assistants are also responsible in business correspondence preparation through spreadsheet or word processing.

Brainmeasures Administrative Assistant Certification Program

Brainmeasures administrative assistant certification course is the most suitable online certification course for you if your dream is to enjoy a more flourishing career as a certified administrative assistant. What makes this administrative course from Brainmeasures remarkable is that it is comprehensive and accurate enough that it can cater to the learning needs of all aspiring administrative assistants. Brainmeasures can provide you with a well-developed and detailed administrative assistant training which is guaranteed to help you learn more about the different job titles and descriptions that you can effectively assume as soon as you receive your certificate, the different duties, roles and responsibilities of an administrative assistant and the specific tips and techniques that you can use to become even more effective in this role. Holding an administrative assistant certification is extremely beneficial because it is capable of showing your adeptness in this role.

Highlights of the Administrative Assistant Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The administrative assistant certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is your ticket towards understanding every essential aspect related to this role. Brainmeasures administrative assistant certification program is capable of increasing the level of your understanding about the following essential topics:

  • Importance of having an administrative assistant
  • Effective tips that will allow you to handle the interview procedure when applying for an administrative assistant position
  • Daily routines of an administrative assistant
  • Knowing the basics of properly using the telephoSne including the best telephone manners, telephone companies, transferring and taking calls and properly taking messages
  • How to effectively screen calls including international long distance calls?
  • Protecting your employer by effectively screening all received calls
  • Getting familiar with voice mail and telephone etiquette
  • Different types of mail and shipment services and how your business can greatly benefit from them
  • Basics of business mailers encoding
  • Making travel arrangements through a travel service based on the web, a travel agency and by yourself
  • Making reservations for transportation
  • Understanding the different types of corporate meetings, basics of effectively scheduling them and writing the minutes of meetings
  • Improving your time management skills through effective schedule, maintaining a good activity list and controlling procrastination
  • How to maintain accurate records?
  • Learning how different office computers and equipment work
  • Improving your database management skills

Beneficiaries of the Administrative Assistant Certification Program

The guaranteed comprehensiveness and highly accurate nature of the Brainmeasures administrative assistant certification course increases an aspiring administrative assistant’s chances of gathering more information about this specific position. It is proven to be really beneficial to all aspiring and present administrative assistants, office administrators, office managers, secretaries, executive assistants and any other success-minded administrative professionals who greatly need to improve their administrative skills.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Administrative Assistant Certification Course

Administrative assistants play essential duties and roles in a company so expect numerous business organizations to offer you a job as soon as you become one of the many administrative assistant certification holders at present. Few of the many jobs that are available for administrative assistant certification holders are the following:

  • Certified Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Secretary
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Administrative Staff

Expected Salary for Administrative Assistant Certification Holders

As an administrative assistant certification holder, a more stable salary can also be expected to be offered to you. Using your administrative assistant certification to effectively perform your job as a certified administrative assistant entitles you to receive at least $47,000 every year. You can also use your certificate to work as an executive assistant which allows you to enjoy approximately $45,000 to $93,000 annually.


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