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American Sign Language Certification

American Sign Language Certification



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American Sign Language Certification

Introduction to American Sign Language

ASL which stands for American Sign Language refers to a complex and complete language that primarily employs signs that are created by moving hands and combining it with body postures and facial expressions. It is known for being the main language used by deaf North Americans and is among the few options for communication utilized by individuals who have a hard time hearing or are deaf. ASL can also be defined as a visual language. It takes advantage of signing which allows one’s brain to process linguistic information by using his eyes. The act of conveying information in this manner is also conducted with your hand movement, shape and placement, body movements and facial expressions.

It should be noted, however, that American Sign Language is not used universally. You should remember that different countries and regions have their own sign languages and dialects. Because of this, it is no longer surprising if ASL also comes with a unique set of syntax and grammatical rules. American Sign Language is now predominantly used in some parts of Canada and in the US. ASL also comes with its own fundamental language features. It has unique rules in word order and pronunciation and grammar. American Sign Language can also be defined as a natural language which contains morphology, syntax and phonology just like any other oral languages.

Brainmeasures American Sign Language Certification Program

If you want to familiarize yourself about what is sign language in America and become an effective certified American Sign Language expert, then it is advisable for you to consider taking part in the related online certification program developed and now offered by Brainmeasures to the public which is called American Sign Language certification program. This American Sign Language course is comprehensive enough that it caters to the needs of those who thirst for information regarding this specific field. With the kind of American Sign language training provided by Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it hard to master everything about ASL, the different signals that you can use to effectively communicate to others who can’t speak and hear, the different set of rules in this type of language, its basic grammatical rules, morphology, syntax and phonology and the many tips and techniques in effectively combining these signals with body movements and postures. Receiving an American Sign Language certificate from Brainmeasures is definitely a huge help in your attempt to prove in the industry that your adeptness in this field is recognizable.

Highlights of the American Sign Language Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Nothing can beat the highly accurate and comprehensive nature of Brainmeasures American Sign Language certification program so expect to become really proficient after completing this online certification course. With this American Sign Language certification program, you will find it easier to increase the level of your knowledge about the following:

  • Basics of the American Sign Language
  • Combining the signals with the most suitable facial expressions
  • Understanding facial grammar rules in ASL
  • First 10 grammatical rules used in ASL
  • Introduction to the different dialogues used in this type of language
  • Basics of learning everything about ASL
  • How to properly signal courtesy phrases?
  • Building your vocabulary by improving your skills and knowledge about descriptive signs
  • How to take up classes and inquire about class time?
  • Different types of signs designed for different courses
  • Understanding the deaf community
  • A more comprehensive overview about the most commonly used conversational signs
  • Practicing your sign language skills
  • Understanding the different communicating terms and directional verbs used in ASL
  • Learning a few directional verbs that are capable of changing the real meanings of sentences within a space
  • Major roles and responsibilities of the deaf teacher and interpreter
  • Different types of technology and any other types of adaptation that are extremely useful to the deaf
  • Shifting body postures and gazes to effectively personalize your message

Beneficiaries of the American Sign Language Certification Program

Enrolling in the American Sign Language certification program offered by Brainmeasures is the best thing that you can do in case you want to become even more proficient in this specific type of sign language. You can expect its comprehensiveness to be a huge help to all those who aspire to become one of the most renowned experts in ASL.

Job Opportunities after Completing an American Sign Language Certification Course

The deaf community are greatly in need of ASL experts so expect your American Sign Language certification to help you easily land a job. With the presence of your American Sign Language certification, you can easily fill positions as ASL translators or instructors in the following industries and institutions:

  • The Deaf Community
  • Large Business Organizations
  • Public School Districts
  • State and Government Institutions
  • Primary and Secondary Schools

Expected Salary for American Sign Language Certification Holders

American Sign Language certification holders can also expect to earn a more stable income. As soon as you take a hold of your American Sign Language certification, you can use it to easily grab the position of an ASL instructor which allows you to enjoy an annual salary within the range of $53,000 to $76,000. Your certification is also useful in your attempt to work as an ASL interpreter which offers an average annual salary of $83,000.


American Sign Language Certification

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