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Quantity Surveyor Certification

Quantity Surveyor Certification



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Quantity Surveyor Certification

Who is Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor is someone who works professionally in the construction industry and is more concerned about building costs. He is mainly responsible in managing all costs related to civil engineering and building projects starting from initial calculations up to the final amounts and figures. A quantity surveyor also works in minimizing the total cost of a specific project and enhancing its value for money while ensuring that all the required quality and standards are achieved. The majority of these standards are mainly specified by the regulations of statutory building and these are what surveyors are usually required to adhere and understand. A quantity surveyor is also one of the most essential positions in a project because he is greatly involved in it right from the start. Professionals in this field are responsible in the preparation of work estimates and costs. These professionals are also responsible in keeping track of all contract variations that may greatly affect costs. They are also tasked in creating reports that are capable of showing the profitability of a specific project.

If you want to become a quantity surveyor, then it is advisable for you to familiarize yourself about the typical daily activities that are performed by real experts in this field. Among these are the preparation of contract and tender documents such as bills of quantities, analyzing costs for the project work’s repair and maintenance, providing assistance especially during the establishment of requirements for clients and providing advices on procurement risks.

Brainmeasures Quantity Surveyor Certification Program

Significantly increasing the level of your understanding about working as a certified quantity surveyor is now easier with the quantity surveyor certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures. One thing that makes this quantity surveyor course remarkable is its effectiveness in supplying all its enrolees with updated, high quality and accurate information. Through this online certification course, you can access a quantity surveyor training which is guaranteed to help you in maximizing your skills and expertise about the field, improve the level of your knowledge about the typical activities done by an effective quantity surveyor, the specific qualities that you need to become more effective in this profession and the specific tools, methods and techniques that you can use in easily performing all your tasks. A quantity surveyor certificate can help you out in showing to the whole industry that you have a great potential to become one of the experts in this field.

Highlights of the Quantity Surveyor Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The quantity surveyor certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures can definitely help you out in your attempt to significantly increase the level of your understanding about the scope of work of certified quantity surveyors. Once you finally receive your quantity surveyor certification, maximizing your knowledge about the following will become easier:

  • Learning the specific roles that you need to fill once you become part of the construction industry
  • Different types of drivers in the market
  • A more comprehensive overview about the supply chain in the field of construction
  • Specific professionals who usually form part of a construction team including a project manager, quantity surveyor, structural engineer, building surveyor, architect, building services engineer and civil engineer
  • Effectively regulating and controlling the whole construction process
  • Understanding sustainability and the roles played by quantity surveyors in this specific area
  • How to effectively forecast and manage costs and value?
  • Basics of cost control, cost planning and cost analysis
  • Major sources of information for cost
  • Different techniques used in appraising discounts
  • A more comprehensive overview about quantification and measurement
  • Strengthening your background about plumbing installations and drainage
  • Basics of 2-stage competitive tendering
  • Increasing your knowledge about all aspects related to pricing and tendering

Beneficiaries of the Quantity Surveyor Certification Program

Enrolling in the quantity surveyor certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures is probably one of the best decisions that an aspiring quantity surveyor professional can do considering the ability of the program to help strengthen his background about the field. It works perfectly for anyone who wishes to provide excellent quantity surveying services because all the information that you will get from this program are enough to transform you into one of the real experts in this field.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Quantity Surveyor Certification Course

Quantity surveying is an extremely useful process so expect your quantity surveyor certification to help you in accessing numerous positions in the employment industry. Being a holder of a quantity surveyor certification opens up more opportunities for you in the following positions:

  • Certified Quantity Surveyor
  • Quantity Surveying Technician
  • Cost Manager
  • Quantity Surveying Consultant
  • Cost Engineer

Expected Salary for Quantity Surveyor Certification Holders

Your quantity surveyor certification is also a huge help in your attempt to finally increase your income. As soon as you grab a copy of your quantity surveyor certification, you can start using it to apply as a certified quantity surveyor and get employed in huge and reliable organizations. Your average annual salary as a quantity surveyor is usually around $65,000. Gaining more experience in this field will entitle you to enjoy an increase in your salary accordingly.


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