Wireless Technician Certification

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Wireless Technician Certification

Wireless Technician Certification



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Wireless Technician Certification

Who is Wireless Technician?

A wireless technician is one of the most vital positions in the technical industry. Wireless technicians play a lot of essential functions in this industry. Among the major duties and responsibilities played by wireless technicians are installing, setting up, rearranging, removing switching, routing, dialing and distributing all equipment used in head ends or central offices. They are also responsible in servicing or repairing telephones, internet, cable television and any other equipment used for communication that are now part of the properties of customers. Most wireless technicians also perform the job of installing communications wiring and equipment in all types of building. Another role played by a wireless technician is to take note of any differences in cable and wire colors so work can be correctly performed.

Wireless technicians are also essential because of their effectiveness in repairing tests and installing and updating different types of equipment as a means of ensuring that these properly function and strictly conform through all their specifications. This specific function is done with the help of proper observation and the right test equipment. Another essential function of a wireless technician is to get rid or remove all loose wires and any other form of debris after completing work. Wireless technicians are also responsible in testing circuits and components of all telecommunications equipment that have already malfunctioned as a means of isolating the major sources of malfunctions with the help of circuit diagrams, test meters, polarity probes and any other useful hand tools.

Brainmeasures Wireless Technician Certification Program

If becoming a wireless technician is one of your strongest aims, then you should know that enrolling in a wireless technician certification course especially that which is offered by a highly popular online certification company called Brainmeasures is a major help. This wireless technician course can be expected to work to your greatest advantage because it allows you to gather the most accurate information about the field. The company offers a highly comprehensive and well-detailed wireless technician training which is guaranteed to help you master all the roles and duties that you need to play if you become a wireless technician, the scope of your work and your responsibilities, the things that you can do to become an even more effective and successful wireless technician, the different tools that you can use when performing your functions and how you can offer high quality services to those who need them. Passing the online test which is an essential part of this online certification program gives you the chance to finally hold a certificate which can show your effectiveness and competence in the field.

Highlights of the Wireless Technician Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures wireless technician certification program is proven to be really comprehensive especially if you take into consideration its ability to offer you the most reliable information about the field. With the help of this wireless technician certification course, you can easily enhance your knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • A more comprehensive overview about wireless technician certification
  • Gathering information about time and frequency as they relate to the technical industry
  • Basics of transmission and receipt paths
  • Basics of digital equipment
  • A more comprehensive overview about modulation, coding and shift keying
  • Essential concepts that are now used in cellular radio
  • History of cellular
  • Keys and secrets designed to help improve mobile communications
  • Different types of systems that are now in use and in existence globally
  • A more comprehensive understanding about advanced mobile phone services
  • How to effectively signal analog system and prepare analog signals?
  • Effectively identifying base stations and mobiles
  • A clearer understanding about voice and control channels
  • Understanding the architecture of GSM system
  • Learning more about traffic channels and vocoders
  • Basics of multipath equalization
  • Basics of packet data protocol
  • Improving your knowledge about GPRS devices and phones

Beneficiaries of Wireless Technician Certification Program

All those who wish to gather information about how to become a wireless technician can take part in the wireless technician certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures. You can expect this online certification course to work more suitably for technicians, wireless equipment managers, wireless equipment consultant, engineers, architects and any other individuals and professionals who are responsible in maintaining the good condition of wireless equipment.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Wireless Technician Certification Course

Earning a wireless technician certification is also a major help if you are planning to become one of the most effective wireless technicians at present. With your wireless technician certification around, you will find it easier to work in the following positions:

  • Certified Wireless Technician
  • Wireless Equipment Engineer
  • Wireless Equipment Architect
  • Wireless Equipment Consultant
  • Wireless Equipment Operator

Expected Salary for Wireless Technician Certification Holders

Enrolling in a wireless technician certification course and successfully finishing it up is also a major help in your attempt to significantly increase your salary. As a wireless technician certification holder, you can easily work as a certified wireless technician and earn around $40,000 to $80,000 annually. This amount can be expected to grow even more if you are already an experienced and successful technician.


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