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Italian Certification

Italian Certification



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Italian Certification

Basics of Learning Italian

The Italian language is now one of the most popular languages that are now widely spoken in Europe. Among the major regions where this popular language is spoken are Italy, the Vatican City, Switzerland and San Marino. Italian is now also spoken by people who live in the immigrant and minority communities in the Americas, Australia, Malta, Croatia, Monaco, Libya, Somalia, Slovenia and France. It should be noted that as a popular Romance language, Italian is diachronically derived from Latin. It forms a huge part of Indo-European language family’s Italic branch. It is also important for you to note that the Italian language is closely related to 2 of the most recognizable Italo-Dalmatian languages at present namely the Sicilian and the Dalmatian which is now extinct.

If you want to master the Italian language, then you should remember that unlike a few of the Romance languages, it retains the contrast between long and short consonants which is extremely popular in Latin. The language also comes with a more distinctive stress while having a vocabulary which is very close to Latin. Its lexical similarity is known to be around ninety percent with French, seventy-seven percent with Romanian, eighty-five percent with Sardinian, eighty-eight percent with Catalan and eighty-two percent with Portuguese and Spanish. The Italian alphabet also comes with 21 letters while the Italian grammar closely resembles other Romance languages including Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Brainmeasures Italian Certification Program

Learning the Italian language is now easier with the presence of an Italian certification program in Brainmeasures which has become extremely popular at present for the comprehensiveness and reliability of all the online certification programs that it introduces to the public. What makes the Italian course from Brainmeasures amazing is that it does not only cover the basics of the language but also other essential aspects and topics related it. The company offers a well-detailed and well-developed basic Italian training which explains in full detail the basics of speaking and writing the Italian language, the history of the language and the specific countries that use it as one of their major languages, the specific rules associated to speaking and writing the language including those that involve grammar and pronunciation usage, words that are commonly spoken by Italians, basics of correctly structuring sentences in Italian and the different tools and techniques that you can use in effectively communicating using the Italian language. Earning an Italian certificate from Brainmeasures is truly rewarding because you will find it easier to impress various organizations with your ability to fluently speak and communicate using another language.

Highlights of the Italian Certification Program from Brainmeasures

You will never regret enrolling in the Italian certification program offered by Brainmeasures considering the fact that it is developed by real experts in the Italian language. This Italian certification course works effectively in supplying you with all the information that you need to become a better Italian speaker, writer and communicator including details regarding the following related topics:

  • History of the Italian language
  • Specific people and countries that are now using the Italian language
  • Places that use Italian as their native language
  • Learning the letters in the Italian alphabet
  • A more comprehensive overview about Italian pronunciation including the basics of pronouncing Italian vowels, easy and difficult consonants and accent marks
  • Improving your Italian vocabulary
  • Learning the most common grammatical rules used in the Italian language including those that involve the use of articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs and prepositions
  • Finding the most effective tools that you can use in mastering the Italian language
  • Different cases for pronouns used in Italian including objective, nominative, accusative and dative
  • Strengthening your background about correctly structuring Italian sentences
  • Properly speaking the Italian language
  • Basics of communicating with others using the Italian language
  • Specific industries that require individuals who can fluently speak, write and communicate in Italian

Beneficiaries of Italian Certification Program

The good thing about the Italian certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is that it was mainly developed to perfectly suit the needs of its different participants. It works perfectly for all individuals and professionals who wish to master the Italian language and for anyone who wishes to work in industries that need expert Italian speakers, writers and communicators.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Italian Certification Course

Once you receive your Italian certification from Brainmeasures, you will instantly notice a significant increase in the number of jobs that are being opened up for you. The following are just few of the many jobs that can perfectly fit Italian certification holders:

  • Italian Speaking Manager
  • Italian Language Instructor
  • Italian Linguist
  • Italian Language Coordinator
  • Italian Speaking Customer Solutions Consultant

Expected Salary for Italian Certification Holders

Deciding to earn an Italian certification is also a major help if you are planning to enjoy a dramatic increase in your income. As an Italian certification holder, you will have an easier time working as an Italian language instructor and earn at least $49,000 from this profession. You can also use it to become an Italian speaking customer solutions consultant so you can start earning as much as $135,000 yearly.


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