Software Project Estimator Certification

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Software Project Estimator Certification

Software Project Estimator Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 288 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Software Project Estimator Certification

Who is Software Project Estimator?

A software project estimator is one of the most essential positions within a team who aims to successfully run a software project. If you are leading a team who wishes to achieve success when running a software project, then it is advisable for you to carefully select the person who will act as your software project estimator since his roles can greatly impact a lot of essential aspects not only in your project but your entire business organization. The whole software project estimation process can greatly affect all aspects that belong to budgeting and planning including schedule, requirements prioritization and resource allocation and all major elements of project management including personnel and tasks. The estimation of the project’s cost should also be conducted all throughout the life cycle of the software since this will guarantee proper refinement.

A software project estimator is also essential when running a software project because this professional is useful in effectively monitoring and controlling the costs of software as a means of verifying and improving costs associated to estimates. It should also be noted that the successful implementation of the cost estimate method used is not all about getting the most accurate initial estimates. It is all about getting the closest rate of convergence between the actual cost and the initial estimate. A proper estimation of everything which goes into the project is a huge help in increasing its chances of success.

Brainmeasures Software Project Estimation Certification Program

Working as an effective certified software project estimator at present is already easier with the presence of the related online certification course called software project estimator certification program which is now introduced by Brainmeasures to the public. What makes this software project estimator course from Brainmeasures amazing is that it is flexible enough to meet the needs of all individuals and professionals who wish to generate a clearer understanding about software project estimation. This software project estimator certification course allows you to understand every aspect which is related to software project estimation including the scope of work, duties and responsibilities of a certified software project estimator, the benefits of effective software project estimation, major reasons why you need to make the estimates, major aspects in the project and the whole organization that can be greatly affected by effective software project estimation and the most effective methods that you can use to generate the best estimates. Your successful completion of this certification course from Brainmeasures will reward you with a software project estimator certificate which is effective in proving your skills, knowledge and expertise in software project estimation.

Highlights of the Software Project Estimation Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The software project estimator certification course from Brainmeasures covers all topics that you need to understand in order to work effectively in this field. Among the major topics that form part of the Brainmeasures software project estimator certification program are the following:

  • Basics of project estimation, its scope, approaches and major concepts
  • Different types of project requirements
  • Major approaches and techniques used in software estimation
  • Basics of producing a more detailed estimate
  • Major uses of functional size measurement or function point sizing especially in estimating efforts
  • Learning a few factors and attributes in a project that can greatly impact productivity and the delivery rate of the project
  • Different types of language, development and applications
  • Learning the basics of accuracy as they relate to making software estimates
  • Basics of sizing software
  • Different levels of sizing accuracy
  • Different types of measures including the rough size measure, detailed measure, default complexity measure and detailed linked measure
  • Various techniques used in practical software size approximation
  • Problems associated to missing functionality
  • Basics of instantly detecting any missing functionality
  • Effective management of additions and changes into functionality
  • Using equations to properly estimate everything that goes into a software project

Beneficiaries of Software Project Estimation Certification Program

The software project estimator certification program caters to the needs of all individuals and professionals who want to get to know more about how to perform the software project estimation process. It can work suitably for all managers, software developers and programmers, supervisors, team leaders and all professionals who hold responsibility in running software projects and making sure that these become successful.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Software Project Estimation Certification Course

The software project estimation process is so popular at present so it is safe to make an assumption that your software project estimator certification course can let you enjoy numerous job opportunities. The following are just few of the many job opportunities that will be laid out to you as soon as you become a software project estimator certification holder:

  • Certified Software Project Estimator
  • Software Project Estimation Consultant
  • Software Project Estimation Analyst
  • Software Project Estimation Manager
  • Software Project Estimation Specialist

Expected Salary for Software Project Estimation Certification Holders

Your software project estimator certification also serves as your ticket towards earning higher. You can actually use your software project estimator certification to become more effective when working as a software project estimation manager and this profession lets you receive around $46,000 to $80,000 annually. You can also work as a certified software project estimator which supplies an annual salary of around $63,000 to $121,000.


Software Project Estimator Certification

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