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Survival Certification

Survival Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 303 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Survival Certification

Basics of Survival

The term survival refers to the struggle of remaining alive and living. It means working hard to meet your basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, health care and transport. It also refers to the methods and techniques that you use to successfully deal with the most dangerous situations. If you want to be flexible enough and be effective in handling various adversaries, then it is advisable for you to improve your survival skills. These skills refer to techniques that you can use when you are facing a dangerous situation like natural disasters as a means of saving yourself and others. Improving your survival skills does not only help you provide yourself and your family with the most basic necessities to keep humans living including food, water, habitat and shelter but also trains you to think straight in order to safely navigate, signal for help, cure present injuries and prevent unpleasant and dangerous interactions with plants and animals.

Survival skills also encompass all basic abilities and ideas used by ancient humans to survive for over thousands of years. If you love doing outdoor activities such as fishing, horseback riding, hunting, backpacking and hiking, then it is advisable for you to improve your skills in surviving in the wilderness so you will find it easier to handle emergencies. Survival also involves learning how to survive and continue to function regardless of the kind of injuries and illnesses that have the tendency of incapacitating or killing you otherwise.

Brainmeasures Survival Certification Program

The survival certification program which is now offered by Brainmeasures is one of the company’s online certification courses that tend to cater to the needs of various individuals and professionals. This survival course is beneficial in the sense that it covers all situations when you are dealing with danger. Enrolling in this online certification program allows you to enjoy the company’s survival training which covers everything about surviving in a dangerous situation, the different situations that require you to use your survival knowledge and skills, the different strategies that you can use to keep yourself and your entire family alive no matter how difficult and dangerous the situation is and the basics of honing your survival skills and knowledge. Taking part in this highly popular certification program from Brainmeasures entitles you to hold a survival certificate which can show everyone that you are also capable of effectively training them about the basics of surviving.

Highlights of the Survival Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Deciding to take part in the survival certification program offered by Brainmeasures is a decision that you will never regret considering its effectiveness in letting you understand everything about survival. Here is just a short overview of what the survival certification program from Brainmeasures covers.

  • Preparing yourself to survive by getting into shape, preparing your mental health and making a good plan for your journey
  • How to develop the best emergency plan of action?
  • Understanding different types of environment including tropical, temperate, desert, marine, cold and mountain environments and how you can survive when living in each of them
  • Preparing yourself for a dangerous situation by gathering your gear
  • Choosing your survival kit and the backpack where you will place the essentials in surviving
  • Putting on the right clothing for outdoor activities
  • How to survive in the wilderness?
  • Different sleeping systems, eating methods while you are on trail and the camping stoves that you can use
  • Preparing yourself for an outdoor activity by gathering the right maps and improving your knowledge about map reading
  • How to navigate yourself without the need of a compass?
  • Basics of travelling on foot, climbing and scrambling, crossing rivers and extremely surviving in mountains
  • How to build a raft?
  • Finding the right shelter for you while you are in the wilderness including forest, hollows and caves
  • Importance of water and where you can find it on temperate, hot and cold climates

Beneficiaries of Survival Certification Program

Anyone who wishes to understand everything about survival can definitely enjoy taking part in the survival certification program which is now accessible at Brainmeasures. It aims to help those who love to perform outdoor activities, individuals and professionals who want to get to know more about the things that they can do when they are dealing with a dangerous situation and anyone who wishes to understand first aid solutions and survival techniques to keep themselves and their entire family safe.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Survival Certification Course

Learning everything about survival by taking part in a survival certification program can also boost your employment opportunities. Your survival certification is extremely useful in your attempt to get the following vital positions:

  • Survival Equipment Specialist
  • Survival Camp Program Director
  • Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Instructor
  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Survivability Analyst

Expected Salary for Survival Certification Holders

Finishing up a survival certification course is also a huge help when attempting to boost your financial stability. Your survival certification allows you to easily get the position of a survival equipment specialist which rewards you with an annual pay of around $52,000 to $75,000. You can also use it in your attempt to work as an effective survival camp program director which gives you the opportunity to enjoy around $46,000 to $125,000 annually.


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