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Windows Application Certification

Windows Application Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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Windows Application Certification

What is Windows Application?

Windows application refers to a software application which is mainly operated in a computer which is also operating in an operating system called Microsoft Windows. It can also be defined as a series of logical conditions that are being grouped together as a means of performing essential functions. It should be noted that an application for Windows can be run inside a window even if this is never a requirement. Under this scenario, a window refers to the specific area in the computer screen which is primarily set aside as a means of running one program. It can also offer you options to control the size and position of program area. Among the best examples of Windows application are the Mozilla Firefox, Notepad, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

If you want to develop Windows application, then you should know that becoming a certified professional in the field allows you to establish numerous applications that can be used internally by your company. Developing applications for your company is a major help in boosting the productivity of employees. Just make sure that you add useful features such as client side caching, advanced user interface controls, keyboard shortcuts and multithreading into the applications to make them even more functional. You can also develop Windows applications for the masses and for business customers.

Brainmeasures Windows Application Certification Program

Enrolling in the Windows application certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is the best thing that you can do if your aim of becoming a Windows application expert is really that strong. This Windows application course is one of the best offers of this reliable online certification company because it was carefully created to meet the demands of different participants. The act of participating in the program gives you the opportunity to access the company Windows application training which is a huge help in maximizing your knowledge about Windows applications, how they work, the most commonly used Windows applications at present, the different tools and techniques that you can use during the process of developing Windows applications, the roles and responsibilities that you will handle once you decide to become a Windows application developer and the mistakes that you should avoid committing if you plan to become recognized in this field. Earning a Windows application certificate can be very rewarding since it translates to more opportunities especially in the field of employment and financial stability.

Highlights of the Windows Application Certification Program from Brainmeasures

One of the many things that you will surely enjoy from taking part in the Windows application certification program offered by Brainmeasures is its effectiveness in extremely strengthening your background in this specific field. You can expect this Windows application certification to be extremely beneficial for you considering its ability to let you completely understand the following relevant topics:

  • Essential facts about internet and network programming
  • Major reasons why you need to do network programming in .NET
  • Major functions of a network program
  • Gathering more information about IP addresses and ports
  • Major standards used in using the internet
  • Taking advantage of visual studio .NET and .NET SDK
  • Basics of compilation using visual basic .NET and C#
  • Performing effective application testing
  • Introduction to using streams and streams primarily designed for files
  • Steps in correctly encoding data
  • How to effectively write a database to a stream?
  • Introduction to working with sockets
  • How to correctly write a simple UDP client and server?
  • Basics of transferring files using TCP/IP
  • A more comprehensive overview about network code debugging
  • Basics of socket level networking with the help of .NET
  • Introduction to data mining, HTTP request and HTTP response
  • How to effectively implement a web server?
  • Basics of communicating using email servers
  • Understanding the programming interface for mail applications

Beneficiaries of Windows Application Certification Program

Considering the widespread use of Windows applications at present, it is safe to assume that the Windows application certification program offered by Brainmeasures will continue to cater to the needs of various individuals and professionals. This program can be expected to work for all application, web and software developers, IT architects, IT engineers, webmasters, IT professionals and all other professionals in the IT industry who are more concerned about developing and using Windows applications.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Windows Application Certification Course

The widespread use of Windows applications at present also increases your chances of getting employed in various positions after you take up a Windows application certification course. Earning a Windows application certification gives you the opportunity to thrive in the following jobs:

  • Windows Application Developer
  • Windows Application Engineer
  • Windows Application Administrator
  • Windows Application Architect
  • Windows Application Consultant

Expected Salary for Windows Application Certification Holders

Your decision to successfully complete a Windows application certification course can also do a lot of good when it comes to boosting your financial stability. Holding a Windows application certification makes it possible for you to conveniently work as a Windows application developer which lets you earn $89,000 on average annually. You can also apply for the position of a Windows application engineer and earn approximately $86,000 to $111,000 annually through this.


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