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Amazon Web Services Certification

Amazon Web Services Certification



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Amazon Web Services Certification

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS which stands for Amazon Web Services refers to a service which offers a full set of application services and infrastructure that improves your ability to operate everything virtually in the cloud. You can operate huge data projects, mobile apps, social games and enterprise applications through this. It is also defined by a lot of experts as a set which contains remote computing services that are being combined together as a means of building an effective cloud computing platform. These services are mainly offered over the web. Among the most popular Amazon web services at present are the Amazon S3 and the Amazon EC2.

Introduced to the public in 2002, Amazon Web Services can also be expected to work in providing the most effective online services for client-side applications and various websites. It should be noted that the offered services are not directly exposed to their end users. As a matter of fact, these work in improving the kind of functionality needed by different developers when creating or using their applications. All offered Amazon Web Services can be easily accessed through SOAP and REST protocols over HTTP. The billing process is mainly dependent upon usage but you should remember that the process of measuring this usage for the purpose of billing differs from one service to another.

Brainmeasures Amazon Web Services Certification Program

Deciding to take part in the Amazon Web Services certification program which you can now conveniently access at Brainmeasures is a wise move considering the fact that this online certification course entitles you to receive the most relevant information about AWS. Every essential topic linked to AWS is included in this Amazon Web Services course so you will definitely enjoy your experience upon enrolling in it. This online certification course can offer you with a detailed Amazon web services training which can help you in strengthening your background about AWS, the scope of its services, the individual benefits provided by each service, the most popular and useful AWS products and the basics of making the most out of each Amazon web service. Earning an Amazon Web Services certificate is one of the many decisions that you will definitely take pride of since it shows your high level of proficiency in this field.

Highlights of the Amazon Web Services Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The extensiveness of the Amazon Web Services certification program from Brainmeasures is one of its many qualities that you will instantly notice. Here is just a short overview of what you can expect to learn after you decide to become part of the Amazon Web Services certification program:

  • Essential steps that you should undertake when trying to find the best alternatives to Amazon S3
  • A more comprehensive overview about the most sensible storage solutions that are primarily designed for Amazon S3
  • Effective tips that will surely help you find the best Cloud computing provider
  • Major benefits of using Amazon EC2 including those that will allow you to save cost
  • Recommendations usually provided to enterprise storage services
  • Great possibilities linked to utilizing Amazon EC2 especially in building the most effective commercial applications
  • Major advantages of using cloud computing and Amazon EC2
  • Effective ways to improve the performance of your website with the help of the Amazon S3 services
  • Setting your expectations when using Amazon S3 storage in actual situations
  • How to find the best scalable hosting service which acts similarly to Amazon EC2?
  • Using Amazon S3 to host media files and full sites
  • Effective solutions designed to store data
  • Major benefits of using cloud computing for large scale applications on the web
  • How to easily store vital information with the help of Amazon EC2?
  • Boosting your entrepreneurial efforts by taking advantage of Amazon Web Services
  • How to acquire quotes designed for virtualization services and managed data centres?

Beneficiaries of Amazon Web Services Certification Program

The Amazon Web Services certification program offered by Brainmeasures is flexible enough that you can expect it to become an ideal course for different individuals and professionals. This online certification program can offer numerous benefits to practicing and aspiring Cloud strategists, data centre and operations managers, administrators, IT developers and architects, application and security managers and statisticians.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Amazon Web Services Certification Course

Accessing numerous jobs is also a great possibility if you have already successfully completed your Amazon Web Services certification course. You may find your Amazon Web Services certification to be extremely useful in your attempt to get the following jobs:

  • Amazon Web Services Support Engineer
  • Amazon Web Services Inside Sales Representative
  • Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect
  • Amazon Web Services Certification Manager
  • Amazon Web Services Visual Designer

Expected Salary for Amazon Web Services Certification Holders

Annual salary received by Amazon Web Services certification holders is also said to be higher. If you are an Amazon Web Services certification holder, then expect to easily work as an Amazon Web Services support engineer and you can expect this profession to supply you with an average annual salary of $63,000. Working as an Amazon Web Services solutions architect is also possible and you can earn up to $118,000 annually from this.


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