Information Technology Audit Certification

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Information Technology Audit Certification

Information Technology Audit Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 655 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Information Technology Audit Certification

What is Information Technology Audit?

Information technology audit refers to the process of examining the management controls found inside an IT infrastructure. It works by gathering evidences and evaluating them as a means of determining if the installed IT systems within an organization works in safeguarding assets, operating efficiently as a means of achieving the goals and objectives of a business organization and maintaining the integrity of data. The evaluation process as well as the entire information technology audit procedure is usually conducted along with internal and financial statement audit and any other types of attestation engagement. One of the major functions of IT audit is to spend time evaluating the effectiveness and internal control design of an IT system. These include the evaluation of the efficiency of security protocols, IT governance and development processes.

It should also be noted that information technology audit is carried out using 3 systematic approaches. The first one is called the technological innovation process audit which involves the creation of risk profiles for all new and present projects. This also involves the assessment of the depth and length of the experience of your company when using your chosen technologies. The second one is called innovative comparison audit which involves analyzing innovative abilities of the audited company when compared to competitors and technological position audit which works by reviewing all technologies used by a company at present and those technologies that they are planning to add.

Brainmeasures Information Technology Audit Certification Program

If expanding the level of your knowledge about the IT audit industry has been one of your major goals, then the related online certification course called information technology audit certification program offered by Brainmeasures is ideal for you. Enrolling in this information technology audit course is a wise decision since it works in your attempt to get only the most accurate and updated information relevant to the field. This certification course allows you to access Brainmeasures information technology audit training which is a huge help in mastering every essential terms and concepts linked to IT audit, its scope, its benefits, reasons why you need to implement it, the different systematic approaches that you can use when trying to effectively implement IT audit and the different categories of audit. The information technology audit certificate that you will receive right after you complete the certification course can help you grab more rewarding opportunities.

Highlights of the Information Technology Audit Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures information technology audit certification program is proven to be comprehensively developed so expect it to offer you the widest knowledge about the field. Here are just few of the many things that you will learn from this information technology audit certification course:

  • A more comprehensive overview about the major foundation used for IT audit and control
  • Major reasons why audit and controls are essential in an IT environment
  • Importance of making sure that all your information has reliability, validity and integrity
  • Understanding everything about electronic funds transfer and e-commerce
  • A more comprehensive overview about all legal issues that can have a major impact on information technology
  • Understanding the most common IT crime issues
  • Making sure that all your information and your IT infrastructure are protected against computer fraud
  • Major roles played by IT audit and review in the whole information technology industry
  • Major reasons why audit independence is extremely important
  • Understanding past and present pronouncements linked to auditing and accounting
  • Major roles played by IT auditors
  • Different types of auditors and their individual functions, roles and responsibilities
  • Performing the whole auditing process in an IT environment
  • Preparing your team to audit your IT environment
  • Effective IT and enterprise architecture management
  • Taking advantage of computer assisted audit techniques and tools as a means of auditing IT
  • Basics of audit data flow diagrams development
  • Steps and procedures linked to designing the best tests of controls

Beneficiaries of Information Technology Audit Certification Program

The information technology audit certification program which is now accessible at Brainmeasures is versatile enough to meet the different demands of its participants when it comes to learning. It primarily targets IT auditors, IT audit specialists, IT system administrators, IT security professionals and any other individuals and professionals in the IT industry who are responsible in making sure that the IT infrastructure in their organization are well-audited and protected.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Information Technology Audit Certification Course

The IT audit industry is also booming at present so you are guaranteed to easily find jobs after you grab a copy of your IT audit certification. With the presence of your information technology audit certification, it would be easier for you to grab the following jobs:

  • Information Technology Auditor
  • Information Technology Audit Consultant
  • Information Technology Systems Administrator
  • Information Technology Audit Specialist
  • Information Technology Auditing Manager

Expected Salary for Information Technology Audit Certification Holders

Applying for a position in an organization while also showing your information technology audit certification can also reward you with a higher salary. Your information technology audit certification can be used to apply for the position of information technology auditor and earn within the range of $52,000 to $96,000 from this profession yearly. It is also greatly possible for you to work as an information technology audit manager and enjoy up to $141,000 annually.


Information Technology Audit Certification

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