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Call Center Certification

Call Center Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 354 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Call Center Certification

What is a Call Center?

A call center refers to a centralized office which is mainly used as a means of transmitting and receiving huge volumes of requests via telephone. It basically comes in two types. The first one is called inbound call center which is mainly operated by an organization as a means of administering the incoming support of products and information inquiries that come from various consumers. The second one is called outbound call center which is primarily operated for political or charitable donation solicitations, debt collections and telemarketing. It should also be noted that call centers can also be expected to collectively handle fax, emails, live chats and letters on a single location which is referred to as contact center.

The operations of a call center can actually be expected to be handled within a wide open workspace filled with agents who have single workstations consisting of a computer, at least one supervisor station and headset or telephone set attached into a switch used for the telecom. Its independent operations and networking process can also be done with the help of additional centers that are primarily linked into corporate computer networks such as LANs, microcomputers and mainframes. A CTI which stands for computer telephony integration is also around to link the pathways for data and voice that form part of the center with the help of a collection of newly introduced technologies.

Brainmeasures Call Center Certification Program

If you want to obtain a strong knowledge of call center, then the call center certification program which is now accessible at Brainmeasures is the most recommended online certification course for you. This call center course is a really huge help for you considering its effectiveness in supplying you with the most accurate information related to the industry. With the help of the call center training which you can access from this program, you will be able to learn more about how call centers work, the different services that these centers now provide to the public, how each of the provided service differ from the other, the different qualities and skills that you need to hone in order to become an effective call center agent and the specific roles that these call centers play in the industry. Once you earn a certificate in this field, then you will start to enjoy great rewards including the easy access to more profitable opportunities.

Highlights of the Call Center Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Your decision to enrol in the call center certification program offered by Brainmeasures is a sensible move especially if your dream is to become part of the extremely flourishing and challenging call center industry. With the help of Brainmeasures call center certification program, your knowledge about the following can be significantly strengthened:

  • Generating a more comprehensive understanding about how call centers work
  • Acquiring a clearer look and a better perspective about call centers
  • Basics of running a call center including the establishment of profitable goals and the use of drivers and models
  • Developing the best characters for your team
  • How to effectively build a stable and profitable call center?
  • Basics of selecting an outsourcing option
  • Understanding the master plan and how to integrate the process of effectively managing and analyzing resources and finance into it.
  • Effectively managing resources including the people, time and the place of your business
  • Making the somewhat complex process of call center scheduling easier
  • Taking advantage of technology to make the process of running a call center easier
  • Making great enhancements in the technological department of your call center
  • Establishing high-performance teams by hiring the right people and effectively coaching and training them
  • Motivating your team members to work even better
  • Significance of process improvement
  • How to effectively make changes in your organization?
  • Essential questions that a call center manager should be capable of answering
  • Decreasing costs associated to running a call center while boosting efficiency

Beneficiaries of Call Center Certification Program

Taking into consideration the flourishing industry of call centers at present, it is no longer surprising to see thousands of individuals and professionals who plan on taking up the call center certification program offered by Brainmeasures. It primarily targets call center teams, team leaders, call center trainers, call center managers, workforce planners and any other individuals and professionals who are mainly responsible in formulating budgeting and financial decisions for a call center.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Call Center Certification Course

Just like what has been previously mentioned, the call center industry is flourishing so you have a guarantee that there are numerous job opportunities that await you. As a call center certification holder, you will have an easier time getting the following jobs:

  • Call Center Agent
  • Call Center Manager
  • Call Center Trainer
  • Call Center Team Leader
  • Customer Service Representative

Expected Salary for Call Center Certification Holders

A significant increase in the level of your regular salary can also be expected if you have already completed your call center certification course. If you decide to work as a call center agent, then it is greatly possible for this position to provide you with an annual salary of around $57,000 to $119,000 yearly. Working as a call center manager also lets you enjoy approximately $52,000 to $142,000 annually.


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Call Center Certification

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