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Wireless Communication Certification

Wireless Communication Certification



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Wireless Communication Certification

What is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication involves the process of transmitting information from a distance without seeking the help of cables, wires and other electrical conductors. The distance wherein the information is transmitted is usually within the range of a few meters to thousands of kilometers. Among the devices that now belong to the wireless communication technology category include cordless telephones, satellite television, wireless computer parts, GPS units and mobiles. Wireless communication is actually implemented using a variety of methods. These include microwave communication, radio frequency communication, short range communication and IRDA. Certain applications that also form part of this technology include point to multipoint communication, cellular networks, broadcasting and point to point communication.

Wireless communication actually allows a lot of people to enjoy numerous benefits. One of these is that it enhances the field of communication in such a way that consumers will have easier time quickly conveying information. This technology also gives working professionals the chance to easily work and conveniently access the internet wherever they are and without the need to carry wires or cables. This is a huge help in the timely completion of job and in boosting productivity. Another advantage of wireless communications is that it helps professionals especially workers and doctors who are in remote places to stay in touch with their main company or medical centers. This technology is also a major help when it comes to receiving alerts during urgent situations.

Brainmeasures Wireless Communication Certification Program

The wireless communication certification program which is now made accessible by Brainmeasures to anyone is beneficial for you if you are one of those who wish to generate the highest level of knowledge about wireless communication. This wireless communication course contains the most accurate and relevant information so you have a guarantee that it can help you become proficient in the field within just a short period of time. With the highly detailed wireless communication training included in this online certification program, you will be able to gain a clearer understanding about the technology, how wireless communication works, the different devices and equipment that are now using wireless technology, how wireless differ from cordless and the specific medium through which information is transmitted when this technology is used. Your wireless communication certificate will serve as a strong representation of how comprehensive your skills and knowledge are in this specific field.

Highlights of the Wireless Communication Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures wireless communication certification program is ideal for you if you are one of those who wish to strengthen their background about this type of technology. With the presence of this wireless communication certification course, the following topics will become even clearer for you:

  • Understanding how wireless communication technology works
  • Advantages of wireless communication
  • Requirements and applications linked to wireless services
  • A more comprehensive overview about GSM and the cellular revolution
  • Getting to know more about the newly released wireless systems
  • Different types of wireless services including those that are related to broadcasting, cellular telephony, paging, cordless telephony and trunking radio
  • Getting to know more about personal area network and local area network
  • Basics of transmission directions
  • Understanding the most common economic requirements designed to build the most effective wireless communication systems
  • A more comprehensive overview about the technical challenges that are now linked to wireless communications
  • Generating a more comprehensive background about frequency reuse in both unregulated and regulated spectrum
  • Learning more about interference and noise limited systems
  • Transmission and reflection primarily designed for structures that are known for being layered dielectric
  • Using a wedge or single screen and multiple screens for the purpose of diffraction
  • Wireless channel and its statistical description
  • Getting to know more about directional and wideband characterization of channels
  • Major causes of delayed dispersion

Beneficiaries of Wireless Communication Certification Program

The wireless communication certification program which you can now access at Brainmeasures can be expected to help all those who aspire to become experts in using wireless communication in improving their competence in the area. This online certification program can be expected to work for all aspiring and existing chief information security officers, wireless communication engineers, wireless communication consultants, analysts, administrators, managers and business directors.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Wireless Communication Certification Course

The wireless communication technology is already so popular at present so the whole industry is always in need of wireless communication certification holders. Showing your certification shows your expertise in the field so getting any of the following positions will become a lot easier:

  • Wireless Communications Manager
  • Wireless Communications Engineer
  • Wireless Communications Consultant
  • Wireless Communication Systems Technologist
  • Wireless Communication Devices Technician

Expected Salary for Wireless Communication Certification Holders

A wireless communication certification can also help you get financially rewarding jobs in the industry. You will actually get the chance to take advantage of your certificate by working as a wireless communication manager since this profession will let you enjoy around $72,000 to $111,000 yearly. Deciding to work as a wireless communications engineer is also rewarding because it lets you receive an annual salary within the range of $45,000 to $115,000.


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